Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Five Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Wardobe

5 blogger tips on spring cleaning your wardrobe

Opening up your wardrobe should be like arriving at a really good party where everyone you see is someone you like. - Amy Collins

I don't know about you but I always feel a million times better about my life after a good wardrobe clear out. I tend to do this twice a year at the start of Spring and the start of Autumn.  I've got pretty good at it now so wanted to share my 5 top tips. So put aside a couple of hours, listen to some of your favourite music and get ready to spring clean your wardrobe!

1. Take Everything Out And Lay It All On Your Bed

This makes you go through every item in your wardrobe and just makes the whole process generally a lot easier.

2. 'Does This Bring Me Joy.'

I love Marie Kondo's advice,  to look at each item of clothing and ask yourself 'does this bring me joy' and if the answer is no then don't keep it! You could also ask yourself another question if you saw that item in the shops now would you buy it? Again if the answer is no then don't keep it. Then with these unwanted clothes make a pile to go to the charity shop or give to friends because what you may no longer love someone else will.

3. What Is Your Wardrobe Now Missing

This is the perfect time to take note of what you're missing in your wardrobe. I'm sure you have all purchased clothes before that are very similar/nearly identical to those that you already own. To avoid this wastefulness (both money and environmental wise) look at what it is you need/would like that will enhance the wardrobe you already have. This will help you going forwards when shopping to ensure you are making the right purchases.

4. Put Away Last Seasons Clothes 

To create more space in your wardrobe and to stop it from being over crowded take out all of your clothes from the pervious season. So for now take out any Autumn/Winter clothes and store these somewhere else. I've never used vacuum bags before but I've heard they are pretty good. At the moment I store my clothes in suitcases

5. Organise Into Colour or Item Category  

When putting clothes back into your wardrobe make sure they go back in some sort of order. I find the best way to do this is by colour.  I find this is the easiest way to find the clothes I want to wear in the mornings. I'm very much drawn to colours when it comes to clothes so this is perfect for me. However you could also organise your clothes by item category so putting all of your t-shirts, dresses and jeans together etc.

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