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Nicole Coltman is an online platform for the young, stylist and creative individuals who want to follow a London girl’s fashion and lifestyle journey. 

Hi I’m Nicole, author and creator of www.nicolecoltman.com. I’ve just finished my Fashion Marketing and Promotion degree at LCF and run my blog hobby. I'm hoping to soon start a career in social media and digital marketing within the fashion industry. This blog is an outlet for me to share my latest fashion finds, outfit inspiration and document what I’ve been up to. Since I’ve started blogging I’ve develop an interest in photography and take pride in my blog photos.

 When I'm not working, I enjoy spending my day’s exploring London (my favourite city). I also love to travel and I’ve been lucky enough to explore lots of new places and I like to documented them all on my blog. 

I am lucky enough to sometimes be gifted items, when I have they will be marked with (*). But all opinions are still my own. And I only accept things I truly love and would buy myself.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

If you are a brand or a reader and would like to contact me you can do so by emailing me at nicolecoltmanblog@hotmail.com

Lots of Love

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  1. I've just nominated you for the leibster award! You have a great blog :), so it would be amazing if you'd take part! Just follow this link:


    And all the information is there :) Enjoy!




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