Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Trying to have a more minimalistic lifestyle

Dress Miss Selfridges | Shoes ASOS

Something I spoke about in my Dear Dairy: May 2019 post was having a more minimalistic lifestyle. I have started to read Anna's book An Edited Life. Which I'd highly recommend if you want to become more organised and 'edit' parts of your life. As Anna puts it 'An Edited life' will help you to declutter every aspect of your life, at work and at home and spend more time doing what make you happy. I'd found this book really helpful to get started with trying to create a minimalistic lifestyle.

And below is what I've done to get started, I'll try and add an update in a few months or so to let you guys know how I'm getting on.

Getting my dairy organised 

One of my main weakness is not having a clear and organised dairy. I buy a pretty pink new dairy every year use it for the first couple of weeks in January and then never pick it up again! This is something I want to change, and I personally don't like the Apple calendar.  One of the calendar's Anna recommended which I've been using is BusyCal, it's £4.99 on the app store. And I love it! You can add in any events, things you have planned etc.  But the best part of this app is that you have the option to add an alarm. (I use this for workouts!) You can also add notes and locations, (I find this bit super helpful because I often have to scroll through my emails to find address of where I am going, but this way everything is saved together!) Also by having all your plans clear in front of you this can help to stop stress/over planning things. I find that I'm that girl who makes too many plans then I get stress about having no time to do this. But this calendar can defiantly help reduce this.

Clearing out my room (This needs three sections, general, make-up and wardrobe.)

1. General 

I try my very best to have a general clear out of my room every few months, however this time I went BIG! I was really ruthless, and anything I haven't use or looked at in the last 6 months went either into a rubbish bag for the dump or a car boot bag. (I do love a good old car boot sale). I find that I used to have a LOT of stuff in my room, little trinkets a huge pile of magazines and books I've not touched in years and just general things you collect over time and wonder why the hell you brought them in the first place. Now my room looks so much clearer and I feel so much better about it! I even gave my brother my Apple Mac computer as I never use it (I'm more of a laptop girl) now I have a huge space on my desk that was once taken over by my computer. I feel like I've got a brand new room.

2. Make-Up 

I recently made the decision that it is not necessary to have 50+ lipsticks, especially when I only use about 6 of them. Once I started going through my lipsticks, I then went through the whole of my make-up location. Before I had three big draws of make-up and two big boxes. I've now narrowed it down to ONE box!  And it's amazing because I can actually see all of my make-up now as before I had way too much I couldn't find half of it. And although I do love make up and creating new looks, I'm not someone who needs the latest launches. I've also re-discovered some old favourites by doing this and feel like I've got some new pieces because some old gems where piled at the bottom of my draws so I could never find them. I've also done a very similar thing with my skin care and beauty collection! My morning and evening routines are now so much more satisfying.

3. Wardrobe 

The finial and most difficult task of all was my wardrobe clear out. Now things is something I do every 6 months or so. And it feels great for a few weeks I have space to get things in and out of my wardrobe without it being a mission to put clothes away. But then very quickly I seem to fill up the space again with things I probably don't need. This time round though things are slightly different. I'm really trying to buy less clothing and make smarter choices when shopping too. I've started to add some classic pieces into my wardrobe, which can be worn season after season. And really starting to think about my style and what suits me well. As featured in the photos above, I've discovered this year that midi dress suit me really well. So I'd added a few to my collection, and tried to stick to midi dresses take can take me from day to night. I've also added a few jeans and blazers to my collection that can be worn with multiple outfits. (outfit posts coming soon). Going forwards I would like 90% of my wardrobe to be more versatile so I can get more wear out of the clothes I have got.

 This is just the first steps towards and more minimalistic lifestyle and as I said before I will try and keep you update with how I am going.

Hope you enjoyed this post.


Sunday, 23 June 2019

An evening with Pandora!

Hello guys, 

I hope you are all well and having a good weekend! Today I wanted to talk to you all about an event I recently attended with Pandora. Working in the jewellery industry myself I'm always interested to see what other brands are offering and their latest collections. Pandora were promoting their wedding collection. Gifts perfect for the bride, bridesmaids and of course as a guest to wear to a wedding. 

I will link the collection for you guys to have a look at here. My favourite is the make a wish gift set which is currently on offer. This Pandora event was held at The Ivy in Tower Bridge, I adore The Ivy and have yet to try this one out so this was the perfect opportunity for me. 

The main thing I love about Pandora is that the products are affordable, yet really good quality. I have a couple of Pandora products now and always get compliments when I wear them.  

We all took part in a calligraphy workshop, this was to promote making your own wedding cards or thank you cards! Which I think is a fabulous idea and makes it more personal than sending out a standard card. I can't say I'm the best at calligraphy but this was my first time trying it out and it was really good fun. Very therapeutic we got to take home with us a booklet along with ink and the pens so I will be testing out my skills at home. 

The calligraphy class was held by London Calligraphy! Taught by Katie Noakes and I would highly recommend booking a workshop if you would like to learn how to do calligraphy. 

I hope you enjoyed this post 

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Travel Dairy: Milan

Top Asos | Skirt Topshop | Trainers Dune | Sunglasses Quay |Bag Aspinal of London

Dress Topshop

Dress Primark | Trainers Dune | Bag Aspinal of London | Jacket Topshop

Hello guys, I hope you are well. Now I think one of the best things about being a blogger is being about to document your travels. Writing travel posts is like re-living your trip. Back in April myself and my best friend Charlotte went to Milan for a city break. We found a really good deal on BA with a fabulous looking hotel. 

Unfortunately (but it all turned out good in the end) Charlotte got a call to say our hotel had been cancelled due to unexpected refurbishment. We were slightly worried our new hotel would not be as nice as the one we had booked and it was in a different local too. However upon arrive we were amazed! You can view my Instagram stories highlights to see why. Our room was like a big flat, we both said we wanted to move it! The bathroom area was huge with a double sink which I always like. It had a TV which spins round so you could watch it in bed and while sitting on the sofa! It was pure luxury. The hotel was called Magna Pars suites. And I’d highly recommended to anyone looking to visit Milan. 

The located was also great, about 10 mins just outside of the city centre. But we go Uber’s everywhere as it was so cheap to do so. 

A short walk from our hotel was an area called Milano Navigli, a little canal with loads of cute bars and restaurants. Much cheaper and less touristy that the city centre. We actually ended up here every night. Cocktails costed about €7 which is much cheaper than London and the city centre in Milan. 

As well as exploring the  city and eating all the good food we also wanted to have a really chilled and relaxed trip. We had a spa morning at QC Termemilano which was just so lovely, it was about €50 to use the spa facilities and 100% worth it. The spa had both an indoor and outdoor area. They also had lots of space for sunbathing which would be ideal for the summer months. We didn’t have any treatments but I’m sure they are good too. 

If I can I’ll always try and find a roof top bar when in a new city, as I just love the views, we went to a bar called Terrazza Duomo21. The drinks where pricey however your paying for the view and atmosphere, it's definitely worth going even just for one drink. 

  I'd love to go to Milan again, the buzz of the city was great! But it was also a really chilled trip. 

Hope you enjoyed this post keep your eyes peeled for a Rome city break travel dairy soon. 



Sunday, 9 June 2019

Dear Dairy: May 2019

Top Zara | Skirt Oasis | Coat Bershka 

Hello guys, so it’s been a little while since my last blog post again! I’ve had a lot going on personally so decided to take a little step back from certain things in my life but now I’m ready to get back into the swing of things. I’ve got lots of posts ideas and I’m hoping to now post every Wednesday and Sunday! 

Today I wanted to come back with a May dairy post. The beginning of may was exciting as I went on a trip to Rome, a city that has been on my list for places to go for ages now! (Two weeks before I also went to Milan so expect to see lots of travel related posts soon) 
I love exploring new cities and always try to go to a least one new place every year. Italy is one of my favourite places to explore mainly because of the amazing food! 

I’ve also started to get back into running something I’ve not done for over a year now, I’ve been using the Nike running app which I love! And I’m amazed with myself for how far I can run considering I’ve not done any running for that long. So far I’m just sticking to 5k until I can get my fitness up to the next level. I have an amazing lido near me where I go and I’ve been enjoying listening to podcasts. (If you have any recommendations I’d love to know as I’ve been getting into podcast recently.) 

Now I know I’m like super late to the party but this month I finished watching gossip girl! I’m always that person who watches series years later but I have to say I really enjoyed it but was slightly disappointed in the end to find out who gossip girl was! I won’t say anymore in case some of you haven’t watch it (that being said I’m just like 99% of people have I was just in the 1% who hadn’t!) it’s made me really want to book a trip to New York, I loved having New York as apart of my life for 50 minutes every evening! I’ve always wanted to make a move to the big apple for a year or two and GG has made me want to go more....

I also went to the cinema to see the film Hustle in may which was so so funny, I’d highly recommend anyone who hasn’t seen it to go and see it! I don’t normally go to the cinema as I find it too expensive however 2 for 1 offers make if much more affordable. I can’t wait until this comes out on Netflix as I really want to watch it again! 

May also good for shopping, I started to read Anna's book, An Edited Life. Which I will talk more about in another post, but it has made me want to be more organised and cut down my wardrobe. I've had a good old clear out and added some timeless pieces to my wardrobe which are high quality and will last a long time! I can't wait to share with you some of my outfits! 

Hope you enjoyed my little may round up! 
I’ll be back on Wednesday with a Milan travel dairy

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