Sunday 5 July 2020

At Home Afternoon Tea

I've been trying to think of lots of ways to do things at home to try and create new memories during this crazy time, you may have seen my Ibiza party post here. Following on from that, I wanted to do little at home afternoon tea for my mum's birthday which was last weekend. Like with the Ibiza party I brought some decorations from Ginger Ray. (My new favourite website for party decorations.) I think when having an at home party it's really nice to decorate to give your home the right setting...especially when going out is limited at the moment.  

If you know me well you will know how much I love cocktails, so I couldn't have an afternoon tea without some. At the moment I'm loving following small local businesses on Instagram, I've recently discovered Dotty Mares which is a North-West London based cocktail horse box bar for special events. They have started doing cocktail at home deliveries on selected weekends, which is amazing! It feels like such a treat to have a cocktail made by someone else and delivered to your doorstep. I got some Expresso Martinis and Porn Star Martinis. They make the cocktails on the morning of delivery and put them in a jar, then they can be kept in the fridge for up to 48 hours. The cocktails were delicious and I will be ordering from them again. My friend and I were saying the other day how much we are enjoying just sitting in the garden having drinks instead of going out all the time to bars for drinks. 

Instead of pre-ordering an afternoon tea from a company or supermarket (I've seen looks of places doing this) I decided to buy the individual products myself as this way it makes it more personal as you can buy all of your favourite things. This is also a much cheaper option as most of the afternoon tea's I've seen online are £40+.  I picked up some unicorn cupcakes from ASDA, I just fell in love with the decorations on these.  Sandwiches and scones from M&S. I also managed to pick up an afternoon tea stand from a local household store near me for £9 and I had seen a few of these online for a lot more money. So it's worth looking around before you make a purchase. And now I've got this I can make afternoon teas more of a habit at home! 

Once life goes totally back to normal, I think I will still continue to do more things like this at home as I've really enjoyed it. I'd be posting any more at home parties I do in the future. 

I hope you enjoyed this post

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