Hey Guys I hope you are all having a great week so far! As you may have seen in a recent post of mine all about sustainable fashion I am really trying to make more sensible choices when it comes to shopping at the moment. One thing that I'm trying to do is buy clothes that I can style in multiple ways to get the most use out of them, but also to try and be more creative with my outfits!

It is a lot easier to style your Summer wardrobe for Winter. Because you can layer up your outfit and obviously your not going to wear a chunky knit jumper in the heat! One style that can easily be transferred from Summer to Winter is Midi Skirts. I much prefer this style to shorter skirts/dresses, because they can be worn for more occasions and its the perfect outfit to take from a day in the office to drinks after. For Summer I tend to style Midi skirts with short sleeve bodysuits and brogues, then for Winter simply switch it up with an oversized knit and boots! I would also switch up my outerwear from a leather jacket to a fur coat etc.

I also think people do tend to switch up the colours in their wardrobes for Summer/Winter and don't get me wrong I love darker tones, but I'd also say don't shy away from wearing bold colours and prints in the colder months too. (Your outfit will stand out from the crowd more) You cannot see clearly in these photos but this Jumper has a slit on both sides, which is perfect because you can then see more of the pattern on the skirt. I've worn this Jumper with multiple midi skirts now, meaning it was a good purchase in terms of the use that I will get out of it. I'm trying to steer away from the cheaper  high street brands and online stores and buy my basics/knits from places that are slightly better quality so they will last longer. Now I don't have a huge budget to spend on clothes so cannot go out and buy an expensive cashmere jumper, but buying slightly better quality on the budget you have helps the environment because you will get more use out of that item. Compared to something that is much cheaper and will not last as long. I think these small changes really do go a long way and make a difference. 

Let me know if you are trying to shop more sustainably and how it's going? 


Happy Sunday Guys! I hope you are all well, I've decided to start writing about things to do and places to go in London. I'm known amongst my friends as the one who does the research and discovers new place to go. I always get asked for recommendations, so if its good enough to share these things with my friends I thought it would be good to share them on my blog too.

First up I thought I would talk you through a typical day out for me in Notting Hill, I love Notting Hill it's one of my favourite areas in London. The main thing I love about London is each area you go to is completely different. Notting Hill is known for the beautiful colourful houses, it's my dream to one day own a pink one! For me the perfect day there starts with walking around the market, on a Saturday you have a lot of fashion focused in the market. My mum a few years ago picked up a vintage Mulberry for me! So keep you eyes out you can pick up some really good vintage items. They also have the food market too - which I always think is a good choice when you are out with other people because each of you can have a different cuisine. I normally opt for the Chinese market stall and get sweet and sour chicken with rice! 

After a stroll through the market I like going into the different shops they have to offer on the high street. They have a mix of different high street stores as well as the more touristy stores too. Notting Hill is known for its amazing charity shops, no day is ever complete for me without spending a bit of time browsing the charity shops. You could literally spend hours in the charity shops alone! The other day I saw a beautiful Dior knit jumper, but it was just a little bit too much on the expensive side for me as it was just before pay day otherwise I would have snapped it up! 

I would then normally head towards my favourite cafe which is Biscuiteers to pick up a biscuit and hot chocolate, if you follow me on instagram you will know I love this place.  They have incredible biscuits for every occasion you can think of. I've also had afternoon tea there before with my mum and we both loved it! The biscuits are a little bit on the expensive side however its a really nice treat, although the afternoon tea is one of the most affordable ones I have been too for £30...I will add the link with the information here so you can check it out. 

I think my all time favourite place in Notting Hill has to be the Electric Cinema, I've been going here for a few years now and it is such a nice place to relax when watching a film. You have a lovely little bar at the end of the cinema, super cosy and comfortable arm chairs and a foot stall! What more could you want from a cinema...although it hits you back to reality after when you get on a busy tube to go home. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if there is anything you do in Notting Hill that I've missed off this list. 


Jumper Dress ASOS | Boots Doc Martin | Clip Zara 

As I'm writing this blog post, it's a rainy Friday afternoon, I booked a long weekend off from work, I've got an ice coffee in my hand and I'm spending the day laying in bed. Switching between watching Youtube videos and writing blog posts. I've only left the house to go and pick up a dominos (which I then crawled back into bed with once I got home) and this evening I'm off out to my favourite boxing class. And omg so far this day has been amazing...I've not realised just how much I had needed it.

I'm an on the go person who is a big planner, I fill my dairy with lots of plans and I'm always out and about somewhere. But I also really enjoy spending time on my own, if I have too many evenings in the week booked with people I get stressed out about not having enough time on my own. I'm a very sociable person but I crave my own company and space, because of this I really enjoy going out and about on my own. If I have a day at the weekend when I'm not seeing anyone I will happily take myself to London for the day, have a wonder around the markets, stop off in one of my favourite coffee shops and just explore.

Because I am someone who is always on the go even when I'm by myself I've been burning out easily recently. And I've forgot that sometimes stepping back and having a  quiet day/evening for some self care is so important. It has been so nice to simply just get up to no alarm today, lay in bed and get back into blogging (which is something I really enjoy and missed a lot recently.) I've realised now in order to be the best version of myself I need to stop and re-charge my batteries from time to time. The only time I ever stay in all day and simply 'chill' and just wear my pj's and no make up is when I'm hungover..which is never really enjoyable because I normally don't feel great. But after today I'm going to start setting aside evenings/days for this in my calendar because it's been so bloody lovely! 

Below are 5 things I've done today to enjoy a bit of self care time. 

1. I find it so hard to switch off and relax and I think a big part of that is because I'm on my phone too much. Today I've actually had my phone in a different room and hardly been on it. 

2. Put on fresh new pj's when I woke up this morning and had a shower to start my day and make me feel a bit more awake. (But avoided putting my make up on and doing my hair because what's the point when I'm planning to stay in and just go to a fitness class) 

3. Binge watch some of my favourite Youtubers, I love Youtube but only seem to watch videos when I'm getting ready in the morning. I never lay in bed and watch video after video which has been lovely.

4. Lush bath and face mask! Literally one of my favourite things to do when the weather gets colder. 

5. Planning some creative DIY projects...watch this space. 

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Coat River Island via Charity Shop | Boots Topshop (old) | Jumper Topshop (old) 

Hey guys, I hope you are all well and having a good weekend! Today I want to talk about something that we are hearing a lot about all over the media. And that is sustainability and in particular sustainability within fashion because I'm assuming if you have come over to read this blog that is something you are very interested in like myself. 

I have always loved fashion, it's always been a huge part of my life and identity. As someone who's an introvert fashion has been my way to express myself and is one of the big things in my life that makes me feel more confident. Growing up as a little girl I loved experimenting with clothes. In fact I've got a pair of Doc Martin pink little boots on display in my bedroom from when I was about 3 years old! If I ever have a daughter in the future I hope to pass them onto her. It was always my dream to go to London College of Fashion and work within a big fashion house like I am now at Boden. But being someone who has maybe bought too many clothes over the year sand works within the industry I feel a sense of responsibility when it comes to sustainability. Now if I'm totally honest this is something I've only really thought more and more about this year. I think that is because of two reasons a) Age, as I get older I realising that I do not need to consume so much and just enjoy what I have. b) We are much more educated and more aware of the affects that the fashion industry has on the environment. 

Today I want to talk about two big ways we can help the environment when it comes to fashion, really easy things that we can all do more of. The first, to re-wear the clothes we already own and consume less clothes! And the second, to sell or donate unwanted clothes and buy more second hand where possible. 


Why is it we live in a society where we have to have new clothes every season. Our grandparents lived in a generation where they would repair clothes and wear them over and over again. But because clothes are so affordable nowadays we just buy new all the time instead of re-wearing and repairing! I have been so guilty of doing this over the years, having a packed wardrobe and half the time forgetting about the clothes I own or never wearing some items I buy (which is also a huge waste of hard earned money.) Now I a trying to make better choices...I have some beautiful clothes in my wardrobe that I really love. This season I'm trying my hardest not to buy many new clothes...now that's not to say I won't treat myself to the odd thing but I'm going to have three questions in my head when I buy something 1) Can I style it in at least three different ways? 2) Will I still wear it in years to come? 3) Is the quality good? If the answer is yes to all three then I will treat myself but if the answer is no to one or more of those I will re-consider my purchase. 

This week I've made the effort to wear an outfit everyday to work (I'm lucky I can wear pretty much whatever I like to work within reason.) that I've not worn in a long time...now don't get me wrong this is slightly easier as the seasons have just changed. But by doing this I've re-fallen back in love with some of my clothes and feel like I've got a brand new wardrobe. Making new outfits with clothes you already have but just teaming them with different things really brings out my creative side and is a lot of fun! 


This year I've done a lot of selling on Ebay and at car boots, because something you no longer love someone else will! And it's a great way to make some more money...I've used all the money I made to go towards holidays. You could also donate clothes to a charity shop or a friend/family member. I love giving my clothes to my friends and seeing them have joy wearing my old clothes and it's good to see things being re-used. 

I've always loved second hand shopping and over the years I've build a second hand collection in my wardrobe. I used to scroll for hours on eEbay and I love going to charity shops! I love being able to find things that are no longer in the shops because I hate going out and wearing the same popular item of clothing that everyone else is wearing too. It's also good because you know your money is going to a good cause and you normally get some bargains. One of my favourite charity shops is Mary's Living and Giving, this is one of the more visually pleasing charity shops and it's easier/quicker to find things you love because of the layout. My latest charity shop buy is the coat in the photos above, this cost me £15 and is originally from River Island, I've just checked online and seen a similar style for £95! So I'm very pleased with this purchase.  

I hope you have enjoyed this post! 


Fight Club Meets Night Club 

As it was Mental Health Awareness day last week, I wanted to share with you all something that has really helped and improved my own mental health over the past couple of weeks. In February I got told by my doctor I had depression (which was not a shock and something that I have been battling with for a while now.) It's only now that I'm starting to feel myself again, and I'm trying to do different things to make myself happier and improve my mental wellbeing. One of the things I've got into a new routine of is fitness.  

I've never really stuck to a fitness plan I've tried going to the gym, running, classes and I've never kept it up. I've discovered now what works well for me and that is going to classes, I like direction and being told what to do when it comes to fitness. Otherwise I get bored easily. I've done a few boxing style classes before - which have always been my favourite but for a number of different reasons I've not kept up with it. Some of this is down to location, timings around work or not finding the class completely suitable for me.  

About 6 months ago I saw Kobox on Instagram and thought it would be right up my street. But it is pricey (£20 per class, although if you buy in bulk it is cheaper) so I kept putting off going. Also I get worried about trying out new things on my own too especially when it comes to fitness as I think I will be rubbish and embarrass myself!  But a couple of weeks ago I spontaneously decided in the morning before work to get my gym stuff together and book onto a class for that day. I often find if I plan things last minute I don't have much time to worry about it. And I'm so so so glad I finally decided to go because so far I've been LOVING it!!!

Kobox is a 50 minute workout, they have 3 locations the City, Kings Road and Baker Street. I go to the Baker Street one. It's a full body work out, you spend half the time boxing and the other doing workouts that your instructor has planned using different weights and equipment. (Each class is slightly different depending on the instructor, which is good as it keeps things exciting.)  The workout room is dark with neon lights and night club music! Yes it is expensive but I'm trying to cut down on other things like going out drinking etc to save more money for activities like this. I don't tend to go on as many nights out anymore but feel buzzing after Kobox because its like you are doing a work out in a nightclub. And instead of feeling hungover the next day you feel fresh!

The workouts are probably the hardest I've ever done but atmosphere and encouraging trainers make you want to keep going without stopping. I've pushed my body harder than I ever have before and realised that I'm stronger and fitter than I thought. 

I will keep you guys updated here on my Kobox journey so far I'm trying to go twice a week. This has also made me realise if I really want to try out something new I should just do it because now I can't imagine not doing Kobox as I find it so much fun.   

Hope you enjoyed this post 
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