Sunday, 10 November 2019

Best ways to spend the day in notting hill

Happy Sunday Guys! I hope you are all well, I've decided to start writing about things to do and places to go in London. I'm known amongst my friends as the one who does the research and discovers new place to go. I always get asked for recommendations, so if its good enough to share these things with my friends I thought it would be good to share them on my blog too.

First up I thought I would talk you through a typical day out for me in Notting Hill, I love Notting Hill it's one of my favourite areas in London. The main thing I love about London is each area you go to is completely different. Notting Hill is known for the beautiful colourful houses, it's my dream to one day own a pink one! For me the perfect day there starts with walking around the market, on a Saturday you have a lot of fashion focused in the market. My mum a few years ago picked up a vintage Mulberry for me! So keep you eyes out you can pick up some really good vintage items. They also have the food market too - which I always think is a good choice when you are out with other people because each of you can have a different cuisine. I normally opt for the Chinese market stall and get sweet and sour chicken with rice! 

After a stroll through the market I like going into the different shops they have to offer on the high street. They have a mix of different high street stores as well as the more touristy stores too. Notting Hill is known for its amazing charity shops, no day is ever complete for me without spending a bit of time browsing the charity shops. You could literally spend hours in the charity shops alone! The other day I saw a beautiful Dior knit jumper, but it was just a little bit too much on the expensive side for me as it was just before pay day otherwise I would have snapped it up! 

I would then normally head towards my favourite cafe which is Biscuiteers to pick up a biscuit and hot chocolate, if you follow me on instagram you will know I love this place.  They have incredible biscuits for every occasion you can think of. I've also had afternoon tea there before with my mum and we both loved it! The biscuits are a little bit on the expensive side however its a really nice treat, although the afternoon tea is one of the most affordable ones I have been too for £30...I will add the link with the information here so you can check it out. 

I think my all time favourite place in Notting Hill has to be the Electric Cinema, I've been going here for a few years now and it is such a nice place to relax when watching a film. You have a lovely little bar at the end of the cinema, super cosy and comfortable arm chairs and a foot stall! What more could you want from a cinema...although it hits you back to reality after when you get on a busy tube to go home. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if there is anything you do in Notting Hill that I've missed off this list. 


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