Monday, 14 October 2019

20 Reasons To be excited about Autumn

Coat - ASOS | Jeans - Topshop | Jumper -H&M | Trainers - Dune 

Although I am really struggling with the weather at the moment, I do love Autumn. Nothing better than coming home from work and having a cosy night in, lighting the fire and watching movies. I also love the fashion change that this time of year brings. 

So here is a list of things I love about Autumn.

1. Big chunky coats and jumpers, basically any cosy clothes! I love getting all of my Autumn clothes out because it feels like you have loads of new clothes to wear as they have been tucked away for months. 

2. Drinking unlimited hot chocolate! 

3. Autumn walks, and being able to get beautiful photos for instagram. 

4. Relaxing in the bath for far too long, watching YouTube video and making the most of the seasonal Lush products. 

5. Autumnal lipstick and eyeshadows, I love experimenting with make-up this time of year. I'm going to set aside a night just to watch YouTube videos to test out some new looks soon. 

6. Getting home in the evenings and putting your dressing gown straight on. 

7. Not having to fake tan so often!!! (Which means having lovely white bedsheets lol) 

8. Bonfire night, last year I went to Ally Pally and I need to find another London display to go to this year. 

9. Decorating the house for Halloween...although when it gets to Halloween I never actually do anything to celebrate it. 

10. Not feeling bad for having a whole days/weekends without leaving the house. And blaming it on the cold/dark weather. 

11. Buying yourself Christmas gift sets for hair and beauty products because it is cheaper than buying individual products.  

12. Zara scarfs...they are so big they double up as a blanket. Perfect for cold days at work. 

13. Mulled wine and cider 

14. Candles and neon nights...basically making my room look cosy as possible. 

15. As the nights get darker earlier I tend to stay in more, meaning more time to do things like reading, watching my favourite TV shows and blogging. 

16. City breaks, I love going on city breaks during Autumn/Winter more so than I do during the Summer months. This weekend I'm off to Liverpool which I'm really excited about as I've never been before and want to start exploring more of the UK. (Keep your eyes peeled for a Liverpool weekend post!) 

17. Girls nights in, watching movies on Netflix drinking wine and eating all the bad food! 

18. Online shopping because you can't go to the shops in your PJ's and lets face it thats all I want to wear when I'm not at work. 

19. Indoor activities like visiting a museum. 

20. Being able to start planning for Christmas.....(or is it still too early!) 

Hope you enjoyed this post


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