Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Why its good to travel solo

Hey Guys!

So today's post is all about why it's good to travel solo...a year ago I never would have thought I would be sitting down to write this blog post. Because travelling solo just wasn't on my life achievements or list of things I wanted to do. In fact the idea sounded really scary to me. You can read all about my Med Sailors trip here. Now I went on this trip solo and met lots of people there I was never alone but I did go by myself and had no idea who I would be staying with and the experience of staying on a boat was completely new to me. If you haven't read my Med Sailors post maybe it would be a good idea to read that first before carrying on with this post!

'Travelling alone is something you just have to's such a good thing for your self-esteem and confidence you will be a whole new person.' 

1. You will make great new friends who you will share amazing adventures with. 

2. Most of these people come from different places to you, and this was make you want to travel more hearing their experiences....just about to book flights to Australia and New Zealand. 

3. You will get better at putting yourself out there. 

4. Travelling on a plane and doing the whole airport thing alone isn't so bad.

5. Gives you so much more independence. 

6. No one is will hold you back.

7. The experience is just don't have to worry about anyone like you would if you were going away with friends. And it's what you make of it. 

8. Makes you want to try out new experiences. 

9. Makes you realise you do not have to wait around for someone to come on a new adventure with you. 

10. You get to chose you own route. 

Now onto my outfit...very unrelated for this post I know! But I seemed to have used up all of my travel pictures. Anyway this dress is from Topshop but from the Charity shop and the denim jacket is also Topshop but from Ebay because you know how much I love buying second hand clothes a) They are so much cheaper b) It's more environmentally friendly c) I love buying older styles that are no longer in store that why less people will be wearing them! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you been on a solo travel trip?



  1. Love this!! cute look as well!
    Visit me back ♥♥♥

  2. I'm really hoping I can experience traveling solo soon also! It's one of my bucket lists to-do! Glad you enjoyed your solo travel tip :)

    - Hazel


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