Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Dear Dairy: July 2019

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Hey Guys!

I hope you are all well and had a fabulous July.

July I went on my very first solo trip to Croatia with Med Sailors which you can read all about here. I had the most amazing time ever and would high recommend if you can going on a solo trip it's a great way to met new people and step outside of your comfort zone. 

I also set up my own online interior shop called Nicki Knox which you can visit here. I would love to know your thoughts on this?! And what your favourite product is. 

Favourites from July! 

Podcasts - I've been a fan of Mary Porters from a very young age I used to watch her show Mary Queen of Shops with my mum and I love visiting her Mary Living & Giving charity shops.  As someone who loves Fashion Retail and the business behind fashion I've always been very interested in what she does. As you can imagine I was very excited to hear she launched her own podcast Work Like a Women. I listened to every episode now and loved them! It really makes you think and question the working culture in society. I mean yes don't get me wrong there has been major changes for the better over the years but still some things need to change. I've just downloaded her book too so I'm looking forwards to reading that and I'll get back to you guys on my thoughts.

Exciting Emails - Another great podcast I've been listening too. This is by the lovely Vix Meldrew, exciting emails answers all of your creative and blogging questions. I've also subscribed to the email list and Facebook page. I felt like I had got to the stage where I was a little stuck with my blog and social media and was not really sure on how to make it go in the direction I wanted it too. Vix really helps you to think about why you started your channels and the different ways and things you can do to grow them. One big thing I've done since listening to her Podcast is get back on to Pinterest a channel I had abandoned for years but one I've really fallen back in love with. (You can see my page here)

TV Shows - I re-downloaded my Netflix account about 6 months ago and I've been looking getting back into series and films. A favourite of mine at the moment is working Mums! The episodes are only 20 minutes long so perfect if you do not have much time or just want a quick break from something you are doing. It's an American show based on a group of mum's returning back to work after maternity leave. Looking at the different experiences they all face. It really does make you laugh out loud! 

Summer Fashion - I can not believe the heatwave we had here in the UK it's been amazing but on some days a little too hot (I do feel bad when I moan about the warm weather!) I've been loving being about to wear all of my favourite Summer clothes! Topshop has been my go to place for fashion this Summer. I've picked up some amazing items that I've truly fallen in love with. You can see all of my outfits shared on my instagram here. 

I've got so much planned in's a big travel month for me. I've got a little break in Brighton, then I'm off to Cyprus and hopefully a trip to Vegas too! 

Hope you enjoyed this post....what are you up to over the next month?



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