Sunday, 7 July 2019

What I'm looking forwards to this Summer

Dress The End Boutique Ruislip | Shoes (Random boutique in Rome I can't remember the name sorry!) | Bag Aspinal of London Sale! 

Hi Guys, I hope you are all well and having a good weekend!  

It's finally really hot in London! I really do love Summer, and I'm so excited to be wearing my summer clothes this year. I spoke in my last post here about Summer accessories and mentioned formal occasions for the Summer. So to lead on nicely from that post I wanted to share a little outfit that I think would be perfect for a formal occasion. 

When it comes to shopping, unless I really need something in particular like a new pair of jeans because my old ones are really worn. I never really have something in mind that I want to buy, I just look and see what I find. This way there is no stress involved! And I always trend to find really good things for future occasions. For example I picked up this dress from my local boutique months ago with no idea where/when I would wear it but knew it would be great for something that I would plan in the summer. I find this way when an occasion comes up instead of quickly ordering loads of stuff on ASOS beforehand I normally have something in my wardrobe that I can wear. 

Now moving on from my outfit I wanted to talk about the things I'm really looking forwards to this Summer, I like reading these posts myself as they give me ideas of things to do myself. 

Med Sailors! 

Next Saturday I'm off on my first ever solo trip and also my first sailing holiday with Med Sailors, I'm so so excited. I can't wait to have my own mini adventure and just be by myself for a week and met lots of new people. I'm off to Croatia, I've been before once but this time I'm off to completely different places. I will be updating on my instagram everyday with posts and stories of how I'm getting on. 


I love BBQ's and luckily my mum has a big garden and is always having people round, I feel like Summer gets people together more and I just love being outdoors and in the fresh air. It really does make you feel good! 


I live just outside of London, but I really do make the most of living so close. There are so many places to go and things to do in London. One area I spent a lot of time in last Summer was Paddington, I used to work around that area and they have some super cute places to go to. My favourite being Pergola on the roof.

Another place I love is Maddison's in St Pauls, the view is amazing from the bar. 

I will probably book onto an outdoor cinema too, I love these. And they have a loads in and around london. However I'm going to have to try and find someone new to go with as my friend I normally go with has said she will not come again as the last time it rained! 

Going for picnics 

Summer is a time for being outside and I love going for picnics, it's one of my favourite things to do. My favourite spot is Primrose Hill, it's such a lovely area and you get an amazing view of London. 

Setting up my own business 

The most exciting one out of them all! I'm setting up my own business at the moment which will be ready to be launched in the middle of July. My new business is a homeware and interior website, I'm found some amazing gems to add to your home. It's called Nicki Knox's which is a nickname my nan gave me when I was a young child. I'm just in the process of getting up the website now and started to get my stock this week. The website will be live when I arrive back from my holiday so I will share the website address with you all then! But for now you can check out my instagram page here

Hope you all enjoyed this post! 



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