Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Summer Accessories

Dress Chi Chi London | Bag Dune (also have the matching shoes) | Fascinator TKMax 

Dress The End Boutique Ruislip 

Heels independant store in Rome (can't remember the name sorry!)

Bag Aspinal of London | Ring C.S Bedford | Watch Cartier

I feel like we make any excuse in the summer to get dressed up, the sun comes out it lifts are moods and makes us want to wear a nice outfit! Plus it's a time for so many different occasions giving us so many reasons to get dressed up. (Weddings, royal ascot, holidays etc!)

This year I'm trying to have a more savvy when it comes to shopping and I want to save more money too. As much as I love spending money on shopping I want to save for a house, travel more etc. That's where accessories come in handy. You can completely change your whole outfit with accessories. Mix and matching accessories with new items or clothes you already have in your wardrobe. Meaning you don't have to spend £££s on buying a new outfit head to toe.

For the last couple of years at Royal Ascot...first couple of pictures above. I have worn the same bag and shoes! But with a different dress each time making the outfit look completely different. I've switch up my fascinators each time too. This is one accessory I never want to spend much money on because I only wear fascinators about once a year. My cream fascinator I managed to pick up in TKMax for £5.99! Which I was extremely happy about, to be honest I wasn't looking for one at the time when I went shopping in there. It was just one of those things I saw by the till and knew I had to buy for a future occasion. And the navy fascinator I managed to borrow from a friend. So it's always worth looking in the discounted stores, online sales or asking a friend for those accessories you will only wear on a one off occasion.

When it comes to heels, I love something that's a little bit different with a statement but will go with loads and loads of outfits! I picked these up from Rome back in May and they are the perfect summer heels. And because they are light pink they can be worn with most colours.

If you follow me on instagram (@nicolecoltman) you will know I love metallic colours. Metallic bags can make any outfit stand out. Again like with shoes I like to buy bags that will go with multiple outfits, and I always seem to buy good clutch bags in the sale! I think this one was about £25!

When it comes to buying accessories you should look at what you already have in your wardrobe so you can pre-plan outfits in your head before you make your purchases. As you can see I love pink and pink goes with a lot of my clothes. And I love bold prints too along with plain lace dresses. Once you can spot you running theme it's easier to make smarter purchases and get the most out of your accessories.

I hope you enjoyed this post! How do you feel about summer Accessories?



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