Sunday, 10 March 2019

Dear Dairy: February 2019

Can you believe that we are in March already?! It feels like summer is really on its way with this amazing weather. February seemed to come and go really quickly and was a busy month for me, meaning that my blog had to take a little back step. But I promise I will be posting once or twice a week from now!

At the beginning of February due to some personal reasons, I decided to change around some big plans I had this year for trips I had lined up. And instead I've decided this year will be the year I do more this more myself and push myself right out of my comfort zone, so about mid-feb after much  talks with my family and close friends about it. I decided to book my first ever solo trip away to Croatia on a Med Sailors holiday! (You can find their website here) I'm excited and very nervous. For some people going away on a holiday by themselves is not a big deal, but for me this is something I've never done before. And I can't wait to start my adventure and met lots of new people.  I have a post coming up this Wednesday with lots more information on my trip and why I've decided to go to Croatia. So keep your eyes peeled for that! 

17th February marked my 24th Birthday (I'm feeling old now!) and to celebrate myself and my friend Charlotte spend the afternoon in London. We started off at the Heddon Street Kitchen at a cocktail making masterclass. Which was so much fun, we got a cocktail each on arrival. Then we both got asked what our favourite style of cocktail is, I said vodka and my Charlotte said rum.  Neither of us realised with would be having lots of shots of both vodka and run to see which type we liked the most to put in our cocktail. We also tried a range of mixers so we could carefully select which one we wanted. Our bartender was amazing and made the overall experience really fun. At the end of the masterclass we got to take our cocktails to a table and had a selection of starters. I have to say I was super impressed by both of our cocktails and this has made me want to have some girls nights in cocktail making!  The food was great, so it has definitely made me want to go back and have a meal at the Heddon Street Kitchen. After this we went to the Ivy in Soho which is one of our favourite places to have dinner. I find for the quality of the food the Ivy is a reasonably priced and I love the art deco theme interiors inside.      

I feel like February was a month of good food and going out lots! I love brunch and I think it's my all time favourite meal to go out for especially on a Sunday. For a while now I've wanted to check out the bluebird cafe in Chelsea. Me and my friend Alex put a date in the dairy to go and it's fair to say it did not disappoint. I had my favourite dish eggs royale, which I pretty much have all the time when I go out for brunch. I've tried to make it at home before but let's just say I'm not the best of cooks.  I feel like Chelsea is an area I really love but do not go to often enough. On a Saturday they have the best food market down kings road, and the shopping is great too. I think it's easy to assume because it's Chelsea everywhere will be really expensive but it's not. There are a range of affordable high street shops as well as designer high end. You can also find the Ivy Chelsea Gardens, which is apart of the Ivy group so it's similar to the one in solo. I'm sure you have all seen this multiple times on instagram!

Towards the end of the month a couple of my friends planned a finial birthday celebration for me. We went to the Piano works in the west end and it was sooooo much fun! We had a 2 course meal for £15 and the food was great, I'm always worried about bar food but I was super impressed. I had salmon for main and chocolate brownie for desert. Which was really big I couldn't eat half of it!
The Piano works, it's different from most bars/clubs in London they have a band at the front with two guys playing the piano and signing along to songs you request. There is such a range of music from old classics to current. We didn't stop dancing all night and nearly missed our train home because we were having so much fun.

Hope you had a good few weeks, and please let me know any recommendations of places to go and things to do in London as I love going to new places.



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