Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Being a smart shopper

Dress Zara (Charity Shop) | Boots River Island 

This year I really want to save some more money, I'd love to travel more! (I have a few trips lined up already and my first ever solo trip, I'll talk more about this in my next post.) As well as saving up for a house or flat. I have an over flowing wardrobe and always looking to add more, personal style is so important for me and my identity so adding new items to my wardrobes comes along with that. 

However I've learnt to realise that shopping does not have to cost a you a lot of money. I've added a new rule to my wardrobe and shopping habits this year. I'm going to work on a one in one out policy. Every time I buy an item of clothing I want have a look in my wardrobe and see what I've not been wearing recently so I can either give it to a friend/donate to a charity shop or sell on Ebay. 

Talking about charity shops and Ebay these are two of my favourite places to find second hand clothes. One of the main reasons I love buying second hand clothes is because not only can you buy something for a really good price but you can normally get items that are no longer available in stores. Although when it comes to buying second hand clothes, you do need to have some patience and it can take a while to go through all the clothes to find the right things for you!   

This dress above is from one of my local charity shops and is originally from Zara. I picked it up for £4 and it's been my go to winter dress, such an easy one to wear with little styling needed.

I've actually been using Ebay a lot over the past couple of weeks to sell my unwanted items and its a really easy way to make extra money and I've managed to put this away for my upcoming trips that I've got. And anything that does not sell I will be taking to a car boot sale once they start again in the spring. I find car boot sales really enjoyable especially if the weather is good! 

Another way to buy affordable clothing is keeping an eye on your favourite stores social media channels as most of them from time to time will do sample sales! I think the best one I went to was Oasis, I managed to get about 5 items for £30, which was great. I would advise getting to any sample sale early in order not to miss the best items. Most sample sales cost a couple of pounds to get into, however a lot of this money does go to charity. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, and please let me know any ways you try to be a smarter shopper. 


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