Wednesday, 23 January 2019

2019 Goals and Resolutions

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Welcome back to my little blog, I've missed having a space on the internet to write down all my thoughts, share new places I've found and write about topics I feel passionate about.

I used to love having this creative outlet and decided 2019 is the year I'm going to start doing things I really love again. To kick start with my first post I wanted to write about my aims for this year and realistic things I want to achieve. I know there are so many posts and YouTube videos like this already. But I find them super helpful to read as I'm always picking up ideas from others. It will be a good way for me to reflect how I'm doing in future posts. I also feel like typing and publishing this blog post will give me more motivation to do all of these things.

1. Read more (my aim is to read one book every month) already I have achieved this for January I'm actually my second book. I started the year off by reading Louise Pentland Wilde's About The Girl. (You can buy here.) I have already read her first book so knew I would probably love this one. It's a good girlie read and covers real life topics, it shows how life isn't always perfect and how everyone experiences ups and downs. But you have to keep going! I can't wait to to her next book which I believe will be out this year.

The second book that I've just started reading is the Multi Hyphen Method by Emma Gannon. (You can buy here) Again I've previously read her other book called How I Grow Up Online so knew I would probably enjoy reading her next book. I feel like I've picked this book up just at the right time in my life. (I've quit my job recently, something I'll talk more about later on.) This book is all about career and how to create a better work life balance. It also covers how the working world is changing, most people no longer have just one job title but are making money through more than one skill. Emma starts by talking about the meaning of success and how it differs for everyone. Which is important to remember as it's so easy to compare your success to others around you.

2. Following on nicely from my last point I want to attend more career focused workshops and events in London, also not to be afraid to go to these things alone. It's so easy to shy out of an event because you don't know anyone. My main reason for this is because I'm going through a big change at the moment. I started what I would say was my first full time career focus job after university last summer, however I soon realised the company was not for me and after a long hard think and much debate with myself I decided in the New Year to hand my notice in and start looking for new roles. I feel so much happier by doing this but I'm super nervous for what the future holds. I'm also so excited as anything could happen. I will keep an update on my blog regarding my career as I love reading posts like this.

3. Keep up with a good fitness routine. Now this one is probably on most peoples list isn't it?! I'd say for the first 5 or so months of last year I was good at keeping up with this, however it only takes a couple of weeks to easily fall out of a routine. I hate the thought of doing a workout however once I get into it I really enjoy it and like they say you will never regret doing a will only ever regret not doing one.

4. Focus on photography, I love taking photos but again this is something I haven't done much of recently. I have two cameras that I want to take out and about with me more and just capture everyday life as well as trips I go on. I feel like over the last year I have not done enough of this.
Leading on from this I would also like to start a 2019 scrap book, I did this a couple of years ago and really enjoyed documenting what I was getting up to. I have ordered a book online and intend to start it very soon. With monthly sections so I can look back at what I have been up too.

5. Travel, Travel and Travel! This will be my goal every year for as long as I live. I adore visiting new places and it is my aim every year to visit at least one new place in the UK and one new place abroad. So far this year I am planning to go to Canada and the Peak District. I would love to fit in some more weekends away.

I hope you enjoyed my first post!


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