Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Positive Vibes Only

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Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope your week is going well so far.

I've decided for today's post I wanted to write about positivity. Something I'm really trying hard to work on at the moment. I felt really down at the beginning of this year...a mixture of a few different things but now I'm starting to feel myself again. And I'm trying hard to see the positive in every situation good or bad.

I turned 23 a few weeks ago and I suppose I felt like I would be in a different place to where I am right now. But I've learn that it's totally ok not to be where you expect to be at a certain time. And just enjoy life as it is, knowing that good things will come and hard work will pay off and eventually things will all work out for the best.

So from now on...I'm thinking positive vibes only! (lol this is so much easier said than done!)

Here are a few way's I'm trying be more positive:

Self-love, learning to love yourself can be pretty hard and also seem like a vain thing to do. However Self-love is really important. Do things for yourself, be a little selfish at times and look after your mind and body.

Spread Kindness, this is something that can get you very far in life. Just be kind to those around you. Try not to judge people as you never know whats going on in people's lives. Be nice to strangers, if you like someones outfit just tell them!

Focus on what you have done, I'm so bad for thinking about what I have not yet achieved. Rather than being proud of all the things I have done in the last 23 years. I'm sure if you sit down and write a list of things you have achieved in your life, small or big things you will be surprised at how long the list is.

Exercise, I've been really getting into fitness since the beginning of this year. (I will have another fitness post very soon on my blog.) But it's true when people say exercise will make you feel more positive. And you will never regret doing a hard workout!

Seeing the best in every situation, life has it's ups and downs. But when your having a bad time try and take a positive from that situation and learn something from it.

Learn to love the little things, I've really started to appreciate the small things in life at the moment. Whether that is just going on a dog walk and taking some time out to relax.

I hope you enjoyed this post



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