Monday, 12 February 2018

Saving Money While Shopping

Happy Monday everyone! 

One of my 2018 aims is to save as much money as possible, as I've recently realised I could definately cut down on clothes shopping, eating out etc. And to help with this I've recently downloaded Sophie's spending tracker...which you can read more about on her blog here. As soon as I read this post I knew I needed something like this in my life, so I've downloaded it and adjusted it for my personal spending and I'm hoping it will help me budget and be more careful with money.

The reason I've started this post by talking about saving money is because I wanted to show you how you can do this while shopping. Because lets face it, us fashion lovers will always treat ourselves at some point even if we are trying to be good with money.

Aside from my jeans and boots. The rest of this outfit cost me a total of £12...yes you are reading that right £12!!! For my coat, jumper and gloves. 

So here are some tips and tricks on how to save while shopping! 

Charity Shops 

I've talked about Charity shops before here on my blog. I love a good charity can discover gems that will no longer be found on the high street. However you do have to be patient and prepared to hunt around before you are likely to find something you love.

The other week I was walking down my local high street to meet my mum for some lunch (I was already running late) and spotted this coat out of the corner of my eye. I literally ran into the shop...checked the size (didn't even try it on), saw that it was only £6 and went straight to the till. This coat is originally from Topshop so I think it would have retailed for around £50-£60.  It's so comfortable and looks like it has hardly been worn.

Sample Sales

If you don't already I would suggest following all of your favourite fashion brands big or small on their social media channels. (I'm guessing most of you probably already do.) However this is where most brands advertise any samples sales they may have on. Last year I went to the Oasis sample sale and picked up around 5 pieces and only spent £30! Which is amazing as you would probably only be able to buy one item in store for that price. This stripey jumper was from the sample sale, and one of the best things about sample sales is that not all of the items go into stores meaning you can get some one off pieces no one else will have!

Budget High Street Stores 

I love a good budget high street store and who doesn't?! Primark being my favourite. I actually picked up the gloves shown in this outfit in Primark for a grand total of £1. I mean how could I resist. Budget high street stores are the best places to shop trend lead pieces especially if you are not sure you will like/still be wearing them in a years time.

Discount Codes
So many of my favourite online stores have discount codes and offers flying around all the time (especially online shops). If I'm looking to buy something new I always try and shop around to see what online stores have the best deals. And if your a student make the most of your student discount...or if you lucky like me and have a younger sibling who is still a student use theirs!!!

Hope you enjoyed this post and managed to get some tips on how to save money while shopping. 



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