Thursday, 25 January 2018

Why I'm Learning To Love Fitness

Happy Thursday everyone! With it being the fourth week in January I thought I would write a little post about fitness. Hopefully those of you who decided to make fitness a part of your new year goals are still sticking too it. Apparently 12th-14th January is the time when most people give up on their fitness we are way past that point now. Well done to you if you have been keeping up with your fitness goals.

I am by no means going to turn into a fitness blogger...but over the years my blog has changed a lot from just being about fashion to turning into fashion and lifestyle. I've decided to start writing about fitness on my blog and I'll update you with how I'm doing. And any tips or ticks that I've learnt along the way. I'm really pleased with myself for the first few weeks in January as I've really pushed myself in the gym and learnt to make fitness part of my lifestyle and weekly routine and turns out I am really really loving it so far.

Today I've decided to start by talking about the reasons why I've learnt to love fitness

Finding Workouts That Suit Me 

At the moment I'm really enjoying running on the treadmill, I like how it shows your time and distance. This is a really good way to monitor how well your doing and I always leave feeling great if I've run a certain distance in a shorter amount of time compared to the last time. When I go to the gym I always start by working out on the treadmill and tend to listen to my favourite radio station at the moment kisstory! I also find as well when listening to music I tend to run a lot faster!

As much as I love just training in the gym using all of the equipment on offer I also love going to classes. I would highly recommend going to a class at your local gym as you may try different things out and the teachers normally push you really hard! At the moment I'm loving boxfit. It's probably one of the hardest classes I've ever been too but also one of the most enjoyable! 

Going To The Gym With Friends 

One of my best friends Hannah and I have started going to the gym together every Wednesday night. Then we go back to her flat and make each other dinner. It's nice as we both motivate each other and make ourselves work harder but we also get to catch up and have a nice chilled evening at the end of it. Also I find training with friends really good as you can both show each other different things. 

More Energy and Motivation 

Over the past few weeks I have gained more energy and motivation in everyday life. I feel more motivated to reach other personal goals aside from the gym and I have more energy to do things. It's amazing what a differenve just a few weeks can make. I've also decided I would like lose a little bit of weight but I still want to enjoy myself as well...because I do love the odd cocktail on the weekend and eating out with friends. I do not want that to stop anytime soon. So I've made a decision not to weight myself as I do not want to lose motivation if I've not lost weight...because  working out is all about gaining a healthy mind set and not just about body image.

Eating Better 

Like I've just said I do like to indulge in the odd treat...however I found especially over the last week that I'm really thinking about what food and drinks I'm putting into my body. There is no point at all in spending time investing in working out and going to the gym if I'm just going to eat crap all the time. (And I did this far too much towards the end of last year!) I feel so much better when I've eaten well and had more water.

My whole outfit (apart from my trainers which are from Nike) is all from Primark. I don't know about you but although I like to wear nice workout clothes I do not want to spend too much money on it. As at the end of the day I do not look very attractive in the gym and I would much rather spend the money on a new dress! Pretty much all of my workout clothes are from Primark and yes they are super cheap but I think they are really good quality as well. The only thing I would invest more money in is trainers as you do not want to damage your feet because you are not wearing the correct footwear!

I hope you enjoyed my first fitness post of 2018 on my blog...hopefully there will be lots more through-out the year. 



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