Monday, 22 January 2018

My 2018 Goals

bloggers 2018 goals

bloggers 2018 goals

bloggers 2018 goals

bloggers 2018 goals

blogger 2018 goals

bloggers 2018 goals

bloggers 2018 goals

bloggers 2018 goals

bloggers 2018 goals

bloggers 2018 goals

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So I may be a little late to the party with writing my 2018 goals...however the first couple of weeks have been super crazy and I feel like I'm only just getting into the swing of things. Plus I haven't written a blog for a long time! So feel so out of the routine of doing it. (Something I'm hoping doesn't happen again this year.)  However it does feel good just to sit down on my laptop and do what I truly love. 


Towards the end of 2017, I renewed my gym membership. However I didn't go very much or get into a proper routine. But this year I want that to change and so far I've been really good at I'm really enjoying it! I want to make going to the gym a part of my weekly routine and see it as an important thing that I can not miss. As at the end of the day you will never regret doing a workout you will only regret not doing one! I'm making it my aim to go 3-4 times a week mixing things up by going into the gym solo, going with my friend and going to classes. My favourite at the moment being boxfit!  My friend and I have started doing weekly workouts together, every Wednesday we go to the gym together then head back to her flat and cook each other dinner and watch TV (our current program of choice is first dates hotel!). This way it makes it more of a social thing and going with a friend makes you work harder as you can motivate and encourage each other.

Healthy Mind

I want to try and improve my mind-set on things this year. I'm a worrier and over-think things and really want to try and let things go that I have zero control over. I also need to learn that life isn't perfect and there will be bad days but that's ok because these bad days will not last forever. I'm terrible at spending too much time thinking about what I haven't achieved yet and what I have not got in my life rather than appreciating what is already great in my life.

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Reading is something that I really do love...and I read a lot when I used to commute on days to London. However now I don't commute to London as often I don't read as much. Purely because I will always find something else that I could be doing. However I want to try and read at least one book a month this year starting off with Get Your Shit Together by Sarah Knight.


Travel will be on my list every's something I truly love! Last year I was lucky to go on some incredible holidays, make some amazing memories and experience different cultures. So far this year I haven't got much planned...but that makes me excited as the opportunities are endless as to where I can go.


This year one of my main goals is to get a new job and really follow my passion. I would love to work in online marketing and social media for a fashion brand. I've found it really difficult since leaving university to get my foot in the door at a company. And there have been times that it has really got me down that I'm not where I would like to be at the moment. I'm also always  comparing myself to others. But I need to learn to realise that you do not have to have all your shit together by 22 and in time my dream job will come along.

Water Skiing 

When I was younger my passion was water skiing then I went into my teens and decided to give it up. Which is one of my biggest regrets in life as it was something I was really good at and really loved. Each summer I say this year I will try it out again but you know what life's like and I never do get round to doing it. But 2018 is going to be the year I water ski again. Even if I just do it a few times...I used to spend my whole weekend down the ski club which just isn't possible now with my busy life. I'm hoping it's just like riding a bike and I will get straight back into it!

I hope you enjoyed this aim this year is to post 2 times a week on a Monday and Thursday! My next post is all about Why I'm Learning to Love Fitness!


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