Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Friendships: Why They Are So Important

As I was editing these photographs for today's post...it's making me really want to work hard so one day I can buy the house of my dreams in Primrose Hill! Would that not just be amazing?! And a perfect location for blog photograph opportunities 24/7! 

Today I wanted to write about friendships and why they are so important. I think as we grow older we appreciate our friends more and you also learn (sometimes the hard way!) who your true friends are. I'm 22 now and I feel at this stage of my life I've got the strongest and best friendships I've ever had. And this is with both old (some I've known since I was born) and new ones that I've gained along the way. 

Friends are some of the only people in a way who you chose to be a part of your life. And each and everyone of them is there for different reasons and can bring different benefits to your life. 

One of my favourite friendship quotes is:

'Best Friends are like cocktails...they help you talk nonsense they're fun and fabulous they're the best therapy and most importantly they make it happy hour 24/7!'

I actually bought a card for one of my friends with this quote on it as it reminded me of a great day out we had after a really bad time I was having. 

I think the best types of friends are the ones who can be there for you during your hard times but also celebrate and be happy for you when something good happens in your life. Also having those people that you do not need to see/talk to all the time (because its 2017 and everyone lives a busy life) but when you do catch up it's like no time has past and you friendship reminds just the same. 

Some friends will only be a part of your life short term and there are others that will always be there. And make sure you keep those ones close as they will be the ones you have so much fun with but also the ones who will be a shoulder to cry one. But that's not to say you should regret being friends with those people who are no longer in your life. Because another quote I love: 

'Not everyone is meant to be in your future. Some people are just passing through to teach you lessons in life.' (I suppose this could also be applied to relationships too.) 

It's also super easy to take your friends for granted as nowadays it's so easy to contact people, via so many different forms of messages we forget how much we rely on our friends for different things. I'm always texting my friends if something goes wrong or I need advise. I suppose instant communication is also an upside of friends, as I've recently re-connected with a couple of old friends and this would have been harder if we did not have that quick, easy and instant way of communicating. 

Make sure you try never to take those good ones for granted and always remind your close friends how important they are to you! 


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