Friday, 22 September 2017

Summer of Fun

Last week I had a pretty crappy week, one thing after the other happened and I felt like everything was being thrown at me at once. However it got to Sunday evening and I realised I've not had a bad week like that in what feels like forever now. I have what's been a pretty amazing Summer. One that I've never forget. 

After a break up at the beginning of the year, I'm feeling a lot happier and in a much better place than I was before.  My friends & my mum have been my rock, I'm really not sure what I'd do without them. And I took the opportunity of being single to just focus on myself, enjoy the Summer and live life to the full and I feel like I've done just that! 

I've traveled a lot this Summer, from LA, Las Vegas, Croatia to Barcelona. I've enjoyed many nights out with my friends. Much needed times with the girls and my family. 

I feel like I've grown in to a much more confident person this Summer and for the first time in a very long time, I feel really happy within myself. I've let my hair down, made spontaneous plans, had weekends away and laughed till I've almost cried with some of the best friends a girl could ask for. I've made memories that I'll look back on and they will always put a smile on my face, I've got closer to those around me. I've also opened my eyes and realised that I am a much more stronger person that I ever thought. I've started doing things that are out of my comfort zone like driving more! (Anyone who knows me knows that I only drive around the area I live, so this is a big deal for me!) 

If this Summer has taught me anything, it's to travel as much as possible and just enjoy every moment you have with those loved ones around you! 

As much as I really do love Summer and I was very sad to see it come to an end. I also love Autumn/Winter and very excited to see what it has in store. I don't really have to much planned over the next couple of months but in a way that excites me as it means that these opportunity for anything to happen! 

Now on to my outfit, I have a little confession to make, as someone who loves fashion and I'm sure you all do too if your reading this blog. I sometimes buy things and completely forget about them. I got this skirt last Summer and only just re-discovered it when I was packing for my trip to Barcelona at the beginning of this month. (With the tags still on it oops!)  I actually really love the colour and feel like I do not wear enough green. And typical of me I just had to add a stripe top with it. I'll never get bored of that trend, I really have to try hard to told back from buying more stripe items now! As this was a day where I was doing lots of exploring I teamed with with some converse instead of cute sandals because hey, a girls got to be comfortable! 

Skirt Zara | Top Zara | Converse Office 


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