Wednesday, 5 July 2017

A Summers London Day Out

I love London all year round for different reasons, but I’m very excited to be spending lots of summer days in London this year with my girlfriends.  I had my first proper summer’s day out in town a few weeks ago on a sunny Sunday with one of my best pals Victoria. We did not have a real set plan for the day…and I love days like this because it means you can be spontaneous and it is great just to be able to go with the flow and not have a set place to be at a set time.

Both of us are big fans of Instagram and we have seen Peggy Porschen pop up numerous times on our feeds. So we decided we would get the train to Victoria and start our day with a drink and cake at the bloggers and instagrammers heaven! Of course like most people there we took multiple photos because this place is just so so pretty so how can you not?! The cakes really are as delicious as they look.

After Peggy Porschen we hopped on the train again (I love how easy it is to get around London!) and went to St Paul’s, which is the location of one of my favorite roof top bars Madison.  I’ve been here in the day and the night and the views for both are incredible.  We sat in the bar for a couple of hours relaxing and drinking cocktails there was also a band playing which added a nice touch. I’ll also add that if you want to see an amazing view but are not interested in going to the bar you can go up by where Madison is and stand in the viewing area without having to enter the bar and this is totally free.   
As quite a few hours had gone by since we had last eaten we decided to make plans for where we would like to go for dinner. I suggested Pergola on the Roof as I went last year and loved it so I was keen to go again this year. We went back on the train and got off at Notting Hill then took a nice walk over to Shepard’s Bush. (Having a little photoshoot along the way for my blog!) Pergola on the Roof is located opposite Westfield shopping center. Above a car park, we were lucky that we managed to get straight in without queuing and could easily find seats. (However last year I went on a week night and did have to wait a little while to get a seat.)

There is a couple of bars and a few pop up restaurants to pick from – I always love this as it means you do not have to get the same kind of food as the people that you are with but you can still sit all together to eat. We both picked to have a burger from Petty and Bun, which was pretty good. 

I have to say this was one of my favourite days out that I’ve had in a really long time. Recently I have been so grateful for all the amazing friends that I have around me. Make sure if you have good girlfriends to keep them close by because they will be your rock when things do not go to plan in life.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gives you some inspiration on where to go in London during the summer. If you have any suggestions of places to go please let me know, I always love trying out new places. 




  1. These photos are so lovely Nicole! I love London, it's such an amazing, bubbly city. I need to go back there soon and definitely want to visit Peggy Porschen! xx Laura

  2. Such beautiful photos, and looks like you had an amazing time. Really want to try those cakes! Also I love your top, where is it from?


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