Monday, 8 May 2017

What I'm excited about this summer

zara blue pearl blouse fashion bloggers

zara blue pearl blouse fashion bloggers

zara blue pearl blouse fashion bloggers

zara blue pearl blouse fashion boggers

zara blue pearl blouse fashion bloggers

zara blue pearl blouse fashion bloggers

zara blue pearl blouse fashion bloggers

I love all seasons each for different reasons. However this year I am particularly excited about Summer. So I wanted to write a little post all about why I'm excited about it and what plans I have.

Now this is a very obvious thing that excites me...and it probably excites you too if you are reading this blog. Again fashion is something I love all year round and I've been really enjoying buying new Summer clothes recently. Like my blue blouse above with the beautiful pearl detail.  This will also look great with shorts on holiday! I picked this up in Zara a place that never fails to impress me. Maybe I should be banned from going in there as I can never seem to leave empty handed. I've also been buying a lot of beach dresses from ASOS recently, for my upcoming trips (I will be putting together some holiday look books)

Summer holidays are my all time favourites and I'm so excited to explore some new places this year, and just to generally sit on the beach reading books and just relaxing. I have a few exciting trips lined up. Starting with LA and Las Vegas in June with my family. I love America but I've not yet been to these places and so I can't wait to go as I've heard so many good things about them. I'm also planning a girls holiday for a week in August our top location of choice at the moment being Croatia. And another girls holiday (because this year is all about the girls trips) to Barcelona with one of my best friends.  We are staying in a beautiful hotel by the beach and we are going to enjoy all the cocktails by the rooftop pools! Seeing as I have a few trips lined up I will be writing lots of travel posts and have looks of holiday look books! I love it when you go away and can make the opportunity to take outfit photos in different locations. 

Although I do have some freelance work keeping me going alongside my part time job. I'm really hoping this Summer will be when I can start a full-time career within the creative/fashion industry. Starting out as a freelancer and graduating from University is much harder than I could have ever of imagined. Having said that I'm still working really hard to chase my dreams in order to achieve my goals and I'm hoping this Summer I will get close to my end goals.

Lighter Nights
Each year when April/May comes along I get so so excited about the lighter evenings. I just feel like I can get so much more done because the days feel longer. This also means I can be more productive with my blog as I am able to take outfit photographs after work and not rush to do them all at the weekend. It's also so nice to be able to sit outside on the warmer evenings to have BBQ' soon as we have a nice day weather wise me and my family get the BBQ going.

London has and always will be a huge part of my life. London is part of my personality and I love spending days exploring my own city. There is so much going on in London during the Summer months and I can not wait to spend days sitting in Hyde Park, going on bike rides, drinking at rooftop bars and many more!

Making Memories
Life is all about surrounding yourself around people who make you happy and put a smile on your face. This Summer I want to spend as much time as possible with those who are important to me and make lots of new happy memories!

Hope you enjoyed this post, what are you excited about this Summer?


Shirt Zara | Jacket Zara | Shoes Kurt Geiger | Jeans Topshop 

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