Monday, 24 April 2017

My 5 Top Shoes

dune metallic brouges fashion bloggers

dune black heels fashion bloggers

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All white leather converse fashion bloggers

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!!! I just love shoes... 

I think I take my love of shoes from my mum, between the two of us we have more shoes than necessary. But they are an item that I just can not stop buying. Today I wanted to share with you my top 5 shoes at the moment, and what I like to wear them with. 

First up, are two pairs of shoes that are pretty similar. But I'm that kinda girl when I fall in love with a style I want it in every colour. I adore brogues and think they are the perfect smart/casual shoes. They look great teamed with jeans but I have worn these both with quite a few dresses/skirts too. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I love metallic colours...this is something I've loved for a while now and can not see myself getting bored of any time soon.  

My black heels are a sales pick from Dune, I was unaware until recently that Dune have a collection called Head Over Heels. Dune describe this collection as, 'Fun, affordable and fashionable; offering a young and playful selection of styles. Head over Heels is the brand for the styles that are hot off the catwalks, straight into your wardrobe.'  I would highly recommend having a look at this collection as they have some amazing items at really affordable prices. I was really lucky to pick up this black pair of heels in the sale over Christmas for £15! Which is amazing as I have worn them so much as they are the perfect day-to-night heels. 

Next up is my favourite 'going out' heels. I love a good night out and on most of my nights out recently I've worn these heels as I think they are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. The combination of both pink and glitter makes these the perfect heels in my eyes. They look great with a plain coloured outfit but also look great teamed with prints, I wore this with a plain navy dress, stripe white and navy dress and a floral pink dress. I think some people worry with statement heels/shoes that they will not go with a lot. However I've managed to style these with so many different outfits. And I can not wait to continue to wear them during the Spring/Summer. I picked these up in Macy's in New York from Steve Madden. (I may have picked up multiple Steve Madden shoes on that trip!) I love their shoes and the best thing about them is that they fit really well. I'm a size three and there are very few shops that I can buy shoes from due to the difficultly of most shoes not being able to fit! 

Finally, my much loved (these are actually my 2nd pair) all white leather converse. These are probably the most practical shoes at of them all. I think most people own converse and if you do not, you must go out and buy yourself a pair! I get so much wear out of my converse and they go with most casual outfits. I prefer the all white leather ones to the classic white ones just because I think they look a little smarter. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Which shoes are your favourite?



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