Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Packing For A Winter City Break

Coat Topshop | Jeans Topshop | Jumper Topshop | Bag Longchamp | Shoes Steve Madden 

City breaks are my all time favourites, I think you will already know this if you are a regular reader here on my blog. As I'm always going on about them! Although I live and spend most of my time in London I still love to visit other cities while most people would probably prefer to spend their time outside of the city as a break! 

Most of my city breaks have taken place during the Winter months, there is no real reason for this. It's just how they have worked out at the time of booking them. So I thought it was about time today to write about what to pack for a Winter city break. As it can be very very cold and you do tend to spend a lot of time outside! 

My first tip would be to bring a warm coat but one that you feel comfortable in too. If your anything like me you will take a lot of pictures to remember your trip so I always like try and look nice and make an effort with what I'm wearing while I'm away. My coat of choice for my last break in Copenhagen was from Topshop. They have a far few beautiful Winter coats. I love the length of this coat as it keeps me warm and I lot the fur detail but also like how it doesn't cover the whole coat, so makes it look a little different and interesting. For me colour is a big deal when buying coats, and I love wearing Navy. I feel that this goes with so many different outfits and works perfectly with blue denim jeans. Navy is my feel good colour, it's always important to wear colours that you feel good in as it does lift your mood! 

Knitwear is an essential for winter breaks, like I said it is normally very cold when you go away during the Winter time. So you want to make sure you are wrapped up warm as there is nothing worst than feeling rubbish because you are too cold. My jumper is from Topshop (most of this outfit is.) but what can I say I love that shop! I saw a lady holding this by the till then after I paid for my items I search round the shop until I could find this jumper and I then brought it myself. I love the gem detail on this jumper turing it from something simple to unique! To go alongside my jumper I wore a pair of denim jeans....Topshop again! I find jeans are really comfortable to wear all day long and you need something you are going to feel comfortable in as you are likely to be doing a lot of walking on a city break. 

It's so important to make sure you wear a good pair of shoes, I have been that person who has walked around a city wearing shoes that are so un-comfortable and trust me it is not enjoyable to do this. My trainers are from Steve Madden and I'm in love! I never want to take these off because not only are they super comfortable (I'm sure I've used that word about 100 times in this post now!) to walk in but they also look super stylist. I can not help myself when it comes to wearing metallic shoes, I just love them and my collection is getting a little out of control now. 

My last things to talk about are accessories, scarfs and hats are a must. And you can find so many stylist ones on the high street for such reasonable prices. I picked up this hat from Oasis via ASOS (which some of my ASOS points which is always a bonus!). I love the two-toned bobble. I always have a lot to take around with me during the day. This is mainly because I love to take out my big DSLR camera so my Longchamp bag comes in really handy. I think most people have a least one Longchamp bag in their wardrobes they have such a classic yet simple look about them but I love mine and use them a lot! I have a few now, this purple one, and a smaller pink and black one. 

I can not wait to go on my next city break....this time I have a summer one planned in Barcelona with my best friend. 



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  1. I love the hat and the jumper!


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