Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Pamper Night

pamper night fashion bloggers

pamper night fashion bloggers

pamper night fashion bloggers

pamper night fashion bloggers

pamper night fashion bloggers

One of my favourite things to do after a long busy day or a sh*t day where lots of things go wrong! (Because we all have those!) Is to pamper myself. A pamper night can make you feel really good and make some of your problems not seem so big anymore. Because sometimes half the things we worry about are not worth spending time thinking about anyway.

I went to Lush the other day, and I love it when Lush have their new seasonal products in store. At the moment all the Lush valentines day bath bombs are available to buy. I picked up two this time round Cupid which I have used already and love I will definitely be going back to pick up another one before they stop selling them. And Lovestruck and yes I did only buy it because I love this emoji and I use it all the time! I love shopping in Lush and find the who experience really nice and I don't think I've ever been to a Lush store where the staff are not friendly. For me having baths without a lush bath bomb is just not the same. (A glass of white wine also goes down perfectly as a nice treat in the bath! And maybe some of your favourite chocolate too!) 

To go alongside your bath it's always nice to have lovely body products, Molton Brown is one of my favourite brands. Although this is on the more pricey side, there are also so many amazing more affordable brands available in Boots and Superdrug. I got this set as a present and I love the floral blossom sense, this is one of my favourite sense to buy. 

Another way to pamper yourself is to get changed in to comfy clothes (I am aware I am wearing jeans in the photo above but lets just pretend they are pjs!). This is where Primark comes in very handy, I love Primark for cosy lounge wear and my most recent purchase is these gorgeous slippers. How cute are these?! And for only £4 you can not go wrong. 

It's also important to spend time doing things you really enjoy when you want to pamper yourself like reading your favourite book, reading blogs or watching youtube. Last week I finished reading How I Grew Up Online by Emma Gannon. Which is a really good read for those of you who love social media and have grown up using the internet. Emma has a great a funny way of writing and I've also started listening to her Podcasts. 

I also love to spend time painting my nails, however I am quite often that girl who rushes my nails then end up smudging them and they look worst than having nothing on my nails at all! So I love it when I have more time on my nails to sit down and paint my nails. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, how do you like to spend a pamper night?


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