Monday, 16 January 2017

5 Ways To Beat January Blues

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river island knit wear fashion bloggers

river island knit wear fashion bloggers

river island knit wear fashion bloggers

river island knit wear fashion bloggers

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Cardigan River Island | Boots Dune | Jeans Topshop | Bag Kurt Geiger 

Now we have entered the third week in January, I thought it would be time to talk about how to beat those January blues. Now the festive period seems like a lifetime ago and those new years resolutions are not so fresh in our minds as they were in the first week. 

1. Plan something nice to look forward too, I'm a big planner and love having my dairy filled with lots of lovely things that I can be excited about. I booked a trip for myself and my mum to go to Bath for the weekend back in December. Knowing that January is the month when less is on, I wanted something nice to look forward to after the busy festive period. Bath is one of my happy places and I can't wait to have a girlie weekend together plus we are going to a spa so I can't wait to be fully relaxed and have no work to do! 

2. Stick to those New Years resolutions and stay motivated (I know easier said than done!). Once the first couple of weeks in January have been and gone, it's so easy to lose motivation with the goals and plans that you had. But make sure your a girl boss and stick to them, you will be so grateful with yourself in 6 months- 1 years time!  

3. Have a pamper evening, I love pampering myself and find it the perfect way to relax. Treat yourself to some lush bath bombs. Put on a face mask, paint your nails and read a book. We all live very busy lives but it's important to take some time out for yourself every now and again. 

4. Spend more time outside, the fresh air really does do you good! I'm lucky I've got a dog, so this pushes me to go outside and go on long walks. This is a great way to get some exercise plus it really helps to clear your mind. This is also a great weekend activity to do with your loved ones and saves you money as it's free! 

5. I know it's January and it's the one time of year when most people have less money to spend. However some light retail theory can always make you feel better. Go to boots and buy yourself a new lipstick and I can guarantee it will make you feel good putting on a fresh new lipstick. Or treat yourself to one thing that has been on your ASOS wish list for a long will make you feel better buying just the one thing than doing a huge ASOS haul!  

Now on to my outfit, I dragged my brother out to take these photos for me and I'm super happy with them. This cardigan is one of my wardrobe favourites at the moment. I picked it up in the River Island sale between Christmas and New Year (I never buy anything in the River Island sale as it's so messy and I never see anything I like.) this was £20 down from £45, I love the gem detail as it really jazzes up a plain cardigan. Plus its super warm and cosy which is great for me as I feel the cold really easily. This teamed with my all time favourite boots from Dune, I have blogged about these so many times, but they are my all time favourites and I can not stop wearing them.

Hope this January is treating you well, and you find these tips useful for beating those January blues! 


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