Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Shopping in New York

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Aside from London, New York is my all time favourite city. And one of the best things about New York is the shopping! If you love fashion and shopping you will fall in love with this city. Today I wanted to share with you some of the great places to go shopping in New York and hopefully this will be helpful for anyone planning a trip to the Big Apple. 

One of my favourite stores in New York is Macy's. This is like the equivalent of Selfridges in the UK, they sell big designer brands both high end and more affordable. If you are an international visitor to the store you get 10% off any purchases you make. (You can find more information on that here.) However this is my second trip to New York and both times Macy's have held in store promotional events. When I was there a couple of weeks ago there was up to 30% across more items in the store, which is worth taking note of because it may be cheaper to buy an item in Macy's rather than going to the individual designer stores. I managed to pick up a pair of converse for $24!! 

Victoria Secret has become much more accessible within the last few years in the UK however there are still only a few stores and prices are high. The prices are slightly cheaper in New York and their promotional offers are better. For 5 panties in the UK it's £25 however for 7 panties in New York you pay $27, saving you a few extra pennies and you get more for your money. Another thing I love about Victoria Secret is that the designs are slightly different too.

New York have similar high street stores to the UK (the likes of Forever 21, H&M and Zara.) however some items they stock are different to the ones in the UK. My favourite is Forever 21 in Times Square, I brought items from there on both my trips and the store seems to be a lot better than the London store.

On my most recent trip to New York I discovered a shoe brand that I've never heard of before and thats Steve Madden, you can buy this in the UK however it is more accessible in New York. I brought shoes from Macy's (they had 30% off result!) and also the Steve Madden store nearby to Macy's. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I struggle to find shoes that fit well, so I'm very excited to have found another brand that I can buy shoes from.
One of my favourite stores in New York (and they have these across Europe too but not in the UK) is Sephora. I think most girls in the UK get excited when they are in a country that has a Sephora. I picked up loads on my recent trip from make up to face masks. I'm super excited to try out all my new goodies as it's not often that I buy beauty products. Sephora is also great for gift sets, I can't mention any that I brought just in case certain people read this post and they will find out what their gifts are. I also had a free mini facial while I was there which was amazing. 

I always like to pick up things from American brands that are not as easy to buy in the UK. One thing I always pick up is Cover Girl mascara, this is one of my favourites and I wish they brought these to the UK. I picked up mine from Walgreens in Times Square.

I managed to pick up so many nice new things while in New York and I can't wait to share them in my upcoming outfit posts. It's definitely worth making sure their is lots of room in your suit case for all your shopping bags. 

 Hope you enjoyed this post, I wish I was going back to New York. I love that place. 


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