Monday, 24 October 2016

Things I love About Autumn

Trousers Zara | Top New Look | Shoes Dune

Autumn is one of my favourite times of year so today I've decided to sit down and write a post all about the things I'm looking forwards too this Autumn. 

1. Warm cosy nights in, because stay in is the new going out. I love staying in putting on the fire and watching a good film. (That's if I don't fall asleep before the end!) 

2. Carmel Hot Chocolates from Starbucks, these are my favourite and although you can buy these all year round. I tend to have more in the colder months. 

3. Fireworks Night, I love fireworks night I'm really a big kid at heart. Seeing all the beautiful colours in the sky and watching a beautiful display is my idea of a great night. 

4. Autumn fashion, give me all the cosy knits and big coats and I'm a happy girl! 

5. Long lush baths, I love the end of the day when you can totally switch off and have a relaxing bath. My favourite bath bomb is the comforter and BB seaweed face mask.

6. Autumn walks, luckily for me I have a lovely little pet dog, which pushes me to go out and explore my local area.

7. Make up, I love the darker colours during the Autumn months. I'm always changing up my nails and lip colours.

8. The lead up to Christmas starts (and yes I have already started my Christmas shopping!!!)

Todays outfit has Autumn written all over it, I actually picked up a summer version of these trousers and worn them loads! So when I saw some more autumnal inspired colour ones I didn't even have to think about the purchase they just went straight in to my shopping bag. Some items you just know as soon as you see them that they will end up becoming a staple in your wardrobe. I'm so happy with the way these pictures have turned out. My best pal Victoria took them for me, she's amazing and I love her photography skills. I find its always good to work with different people when taking blog photos, as different people have different ideas!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post.


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