Friday, 16 September 2016

A Perfect Weekend Away

I haven't done a photo dairy style post where I just sit at my laptop and type away about what I've been up too in ages! A few weeks ago my boyfriend decided to plan a weekend trip away, which I was super excited about, because if you don't already know I'm currently working in retail which means I have to work on a Saturday. (I literally can't wait for the day I get my weekends back! 🙌 🎉)

It was so lovely to have a weekend off and just chill! We headed to Newquay bright and early on Friday morning and spent the day wondering around the town, took a little trip to the Aquarium, had some lunch and just relaxed. I know it sounds silly but the older I get I just appreciate being away and not having anywhere to be at a certain time! We had a lovely Mexican meal in the evening then headed to a few bars for some drinks. 

On the Saturday we were up bright and early for a surfing lesson 🏄 ! Which was so much fun but a lot of hard work! I'm writing this post two days after surfing and my whole body is still aching. We ended up having a Frankie and Benny's for lunch. Then headed back for a nap because I'm getting old  and need to rest and surfing (plus a few drinks the night before) took all the energy out of me! 

Because I'm a typical blogger I really wanted to have a stroll along the beach on Saturday evening to watch the sunset because its the little things in life that please me. And who doesn't like looking at the pretty sky and taking some good photos for instagram. 

We ended up deciding to stay in Saturday night, ordered a dominos and watched X Factor. Sometimes staying in is just as nice as going out! As we had spent two full days in Newquay we decided on Sunday to explore somewhere different and headed to Plymouth. Which is such a beautiful town which I would love to explore more of. We went up the famous light house which had great views! (Although a little scary as the stairs where so steep and narrow!) 

Overall we had such a lovely weekend and I was so sad when it ended! I feel like I need more weekends away exploring more parts of the UK. 

Hope you enjoyed this post

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