Monday, 4 July 2016

The dress that makes you feel really good!

Dress ASOS | Bag Whistles | Shoes Dune 

Everyone has that one dress in their wardrobe that makes them feel like a million dollars! And the dress featured in this posts really makes me feel good. When I put it one I just feel like dancing around my room. I think the key to fashion is wearing clothes that make you feel special, for me when I'm wearing a good outfit I feel so much more happy and confident. 

I picked up this dress last year from ASOS I've worn it loads of times but haven't had a chance to feature it on my blog yet. (I think that's because whenever I wear it it's during the evening when the lighting isn't great.) A few weeks back now I attended the bloggers ball with my friend Lana who kindly took these outfit shoots for me. It's always good when you go out with blogger friends as they are always happy to take outfit photos for you! 

When I'm choosing a special dress to wear there are key details that I always look for 

1. The Colour 
2. Design Detail 

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I have eyes of magpies I love anything that sparkles so I love the top gem detail of this dress. When it comes to colours there are certain colours that I'm drawn too and navy is one of them. So to sum it up this is pretty much the dress of my dreams. 

I picked my Whistles bag and dune shoes to style with this dress. I really need to pick up another Whistles bag maybe in another colour like black? I'm always using this one it's a core wardrobe staple for me. 

I hope you liked this post. 


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  1. This dress is so pretty! I love the neckline. I can definitely relate to having a dress that makes you feel amazing. I've got quite a few!

    Lee -


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