Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Fitness Journey

Recently I've fallen in love with fitness (I can't believe I just said that!) I used to be the kind of girl who hated anything fitness related (apart from swimming and water skiing - I loved these sports!) I was always that person who tried to get out of PE lessons every week and hated sports day with a passion! But now I've got older and my body is changing I've started to learn how important it is to include some sort of excises into my daily routine. 

I've taken up running which at first I didn't enjoy but after a few runs I started to really enjoy it and it's a great and easy way to get yourself outside to get some fresh air. I haven't been running far, most times I've just been running one-three miles but I've been trying to do this regularly 2-3 times a week. I've been using the Nike running app to help keep me motivated, this is fab as it tells you how far you have been running and your time. Most times I run now I've been making a new record for myself which is fab and shows me that I am improving and my fitness levels are increasing. 

Another way that I've been including excise in my routine is by following Lucy's videos which you can check out here. There is a whole range of different video's on Lucy's channel and they are suitable for all fitness levels. I've been loving her daily work outs, which are short but very intense. The best thing about these video's is that Lucy is such a lovely girl and is so encouraging in each video which makes you want to work event harder each time. 

Since I've started to include regular exercise in my routine, I've been feeling really good about myself, also I find that if I do a workout in the morning, I am more likely to have a super productive day. Alongside this I've also started to try and eat a little more healthy cutting down on those evening snacks and naughty takeaways! I found that a good way to include more healthy options in my diet is by making juices from my nutrabullet. This way I know I'm injecting lots of goodness into my body.

Hope you have enjoyed this post! I might do a Fitness Lookbook soon as I've picked up some great workout pieces recently!


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