Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Bedroom Interiors

Today I'm sharing another love of mine aside from fashion. And that is interior design. If I didn't want to work in fashion, I'm 99% sure I would have a career in interior design. I think being a creative person makes me want to have a creative living space. As someone who is yet to move out of my family home, I take pride in my bedroom as it's the one space I can decorate as I please. 

Believe it or not, my room was decorated with those hearts over 10 years ago, designed by my dad and myself. As a 21 year old I've yet to get bored of them so I've just left them there! However over time I have brought some new gems to add to the decoration in my bedroom. 

I think my favourite item by far has to be my dressing table! I had been looking for the perfect dressing table for a couple of years and didn't want to buy any old one just for the sake of it. It's funny as I actually found this one when I was shopping in essex one day and happened to come across this unexpectedly. My nan had to drive it back in her tiny KA I still have no idea how we managed to get this in her car! I'm really pleased with it and can see myself using it for years too come. 

When I want to buy something new for my bedroom my first stop is always Primark (I think this will be my go to place when I move out!) They have so many amazing pieces at such low prices. Which is great if you are someone like me who likes to regularly change things about. My most recent purchases from their are my Do more of what makes you happy and capture life signs. I'm a lover of inspirational quotes and I find that having these in my bedroom really motivates me. 

I hope you like my bedroom interiors posts!


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