Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Why I Love Statement Fashion

Fashion is something I have loved from a very young age, however I don't think all my family and friends get my fashion obsession! I think what you wear is a great way to express yourself. I would say that I'm a creative person therefore I like my creativity to be shown through my clothes. If you read my post here about Confidence Through Fashion, you will know that I'm a very shy person (apart from when I'm around people I'm really close too, they all think I'm crazy!) For someone who lacks in social confidence, wearing a good outfit makes me feel good and gives me that extra boost that I need. 

One of my favourite things about my personal style is Statement clothing/accessories. There is something I just love about clothes that stand out from the crowd. Above are a few pictures of some of my statement clothing. I think my all time favourites are my Aspinal of London bag and my Dune shoes. There is something about statement fashion that to me looks special, and although they are not wardrobe staples and will not go with all outfits, I buy them because I think they look great. 

Don't get me wrong not all of my clothes are statement and not all of my outfits either. For instance I like to team statement clothes with simple ones, like my stripe top with casual jeans and my white dress with a bright pink jacket. 

As I've got older I've learnt that it's ok to wear what I want and not just wear clothes that fit in with everyone else. And I know for sure some things I pick up some of my family and friends wouldn't like them but that's ok and it's important to wear what you want and not follow what everyone else wears! 

Hope you enjoyed this slightly different post.


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