Friday, 27 May 2016

It's ok to take a break

As much as I love sitting here writing away about fashion, I want to incorporate more dairy style entries to my blog. I think it will be interesting to read back on in the future to see what I was doing/feeling at certain stages in my life.

Right now I'm taking a little break, I finished uni just over a month ago now. And if I'm honest with you I really thought I would have a job lined up for me by now...but in reality I don't and I'm still working part time in retail. Most day's since leaving university I've been spending hours online applying for jobs. Then getting really disheartened when I get an email to say sorry your application was unsuccessful. Or attending a interview and never hearing back from a company. (Or the times I have heard back they have wanted me to do a stupid amount of unpaid work.) So let's just say that job hunting is much harder than I ever expected. (Plus the fashion industry is super super competitive!)

So last week I decided to take a little break from applying for a week or so, and it has really made me feel so refreshed. And so far I've not been spending my time feeling guilty for not applying for jobs. Instead I've been enjoying my time with the people closest to me.

On Wednesday I took a trip to London with my best pal Victoria. It was a day that we had been planning for a very long time now. We had wanted to do something to celebrate the end of university and our 21st Birthdays. We went to see Matilda, which was amazing. When I go to the theatre I always worry that the shows are never going to be as good as expected but this one did not disappoint. We also went shopping...and for a shopaholic like me I was very impressed as I only bought one thing and that was the new Pina Colada shower wash from body shop after seeing it on so many bloggers snapchats and instagram's I decided to try it out for myself and the smell is so fresh and makes you feel like your on holiday in a tropical country.

I've also been enjoying making plans for the summer and booking in days with friends and family to catch up and make lots of new memories. I'm heading to Ascot races this year and I'm so excited. I've already got my outfit sorted and I might do an Ascot outfit inspiration post.

I've been spending more time at home recently since my studies have been over and I learnt to really enjoy my own company. I've been reading blogs, catching up on my favourite YouTube videos, baking, excerising and walking the dog. I've also been doing a lot of reading. This week I've finished a book called Techbitch. Which is a great read for anyone who wants to work in fashion/magazines.

After a week off from applying for jobs it's made me realise I don't need to spend all my time doing that I can enjoy my time off and relax with friends and family. Yesterday I started with the job hunting again and I feel much more motivated after a well needed break.

Hope you enjoyed this post 

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