Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Finishing My Fashion Degree

I've just finished my fashion degree and I'm not longer a student!! Eeek I can't believe I just typed that out. The end of a chapter and the start of hopefully a very exciting new one. I wanted to write a blog post to reflect over the past three years. I've written a few blog posts relating to this topic you can check them out here, Life As a Fashion Student, Applying For a Fashion Degree, and Interning at Mod Dolly. 

I've really enjoyed my time at London College of Fashion and proud of myself for all the hard work and effort that I have put in to my course. I'm pretty sure a lot of people think that doing a fashion degree is all fun and not much work. Let me tell you that is not true at all! Some people think that clothes magically appear in the shops and forget about all the roles that are involved in fashion aside from the obvious being designers. 

For those of you who don't know I studied Fashion Marketing and Promotion. I knew I always wanted to go in to fashion but after doing GCSE and A level textiles I knew that the design side of it wasn't for me. So I opted for a business course. What I love about my course is that it's board in terms of what you learn and you can go in to so many different roles are you graduate. One of the most important aspect of doing a degree is building up your CV and making sure you get as much experience as you can. Everyone has degrees nowadays, so you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd. One of the things that helped me gain new skills and build up my CV was internships. This was the best way to gain a real insight as to what it is like to work in the fashion industry and it was so nice to see products that designers work hard on come to life. Interning also helped with my course as I felt that from my experience working in industry I had a lot more to write about in my work. 

I've just finished my dissertation...10,000 on a topic of your choice! Writing a dissertation is very hard work, and there are days when you have mini melt downs. However I have also enjoyed writing my dissertation I made sure I chose a topic I was really interested in and I feel like I've learnt a lot from writing my dissertation and it fits in well with the career path that I want to take. My dissertation is all about how generation Y shop online and use social media to communicate with fashion brands. 

The best thing about my degree is that I've been able to explore so many different areas within the fashion business side of the industry. Which has resulted in me knowing what area I would like to work in and that is social media and digital marketing. A lot of this steams from my blog as well as I love the online side for fashion and the huge online community that there is! 

Now on to the next chapter, I've started to apply for jobs as off yet I have not revived any offers. But I will continue to work hard applying and hopefully something exciting will come up very soon. In the mean time before I start full time work I'm going to focus on my blog so look out as you will see lots of new posts coming soon. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! 



  1. Oo well done! Sound super difficult!
    Jabeen x

    1. Thankyou, Yes it was difficult at times but I really enjoyed it xx


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