Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Confidence Through Fashion

Playsuit Topshop | Shoes Kurt Geiger | Hat Topshop 

This photo is a couple of years old but I adore this outfit and it makes me feel so confident - I still wear it a lot now! And this photo was taken in one of my favourite places (Brighton) therefore I feel that it was an appropriate picture to use for this post!   

My life is all about fashion, I think about clothes all day every day! Maybe sometimes a little too much. I love experimenting with what I wear and putting together different outfits. I find fashion the easiest way to express myself, especially as someone who has low self confidence and is very shy. Fashion is my creative outlet where I can be myself and is the one thing that makes me feel confident. If I'm wearing a good outfit, I feel I can face whatever the day brings me.

I get so excited every morning about putting together a new outfit for the day ahead. I like to wear clothes that make me feel good, and if I'm not in a very good mood I'll always put a nice outfit and make up on because it will always make me feel 100% better about myself.

My style is always changing and I have a lot of different things in my wardrobe. But I would say the things I love the most are my statement garments, bold lipstick, and simple staples to go along side my more statement pieces.

Making and effort and dressing for yourself can make you feel so good, that's way fashion is so important to me!

Hope you enjoy this post today slightly different to my normal ones! 

Tomorrow's post is all about dressing for the colder weather in spring so make sure you check that out.



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