Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Health and Positivity

During January people make promises to themselves, most which they will probably break by week 2! (I can hold my hands up and say that I do this every year!) This year I made realistic new years resolutions and for once I've actually stuck to them which made my January not so blue. I actually really enjoyed the last month.

 This year I wanted to improve my health and positivity and here are a few ways that I've done so:

Probably one of my least favourite words last year, I joined the gym but very rarely went. I made promises to myself each week that I would go but I never did. Which resulted in making my self feel worst. However this year I want to kick my butt in to action and I have started by having a serious work out routine. So far I've been really good at sticking to a routine and not giving up so easily! I'll talk more about my fitness routine in another blog post in a few weeks time. But for now I wanted to leave you guys with a few links that I've found really helpful. I've been reading Carly's blog a lot recently and have found it really useful and it's kept me really motivated! I've also been loving Lucy her video's are amazing, and great for anyone who wants to work out from home.

Healthy Eating
Something else that has made me feel a LOT better about myself recently is healthy eating. My eating started to get bad over the past couple of years, I was eating out more and having too many takeaways and snacks. I've started to really cut down and I've been watching my eating, don't get me wrong I still eat out and have naughty treats. But I've been making sure I'm having more fruit and veg. A really good way to keep my eating under control is by planning my meals before hand. This stops me from having spontaneous naughty treats! And now I appreciate the unhealthy meals more.

Keep  Positive
I would say that in general I am a positive person, however like everyone I can have days where I'm not so positive. And the smallest things can get me down (as I'm a big worrier). However I am trying to do more to make me feel more relaxed and positive when I have down days. One of my favourite things to do at the moment is to write in my daily thoughts journey. I got this from Kikki.K (my new favourite shop!!) each night I spend 5 minutes to write down good things about my day.

Me Time
I have began to realise over the past few weeks that me time is so important! I'm currently in my 3rd Year at LCF writing my dissertation which at times can be very stressful. I also have a part time job, run my blog and fit in a social life. At times things can get so busy, I try and take some time to myself each week just to breath and relax. To do this I've started reading more books, taking more baths at night (with my lush bath bombs of course!) or even something simple like painting my nails.

There are just a few ways of how I'm trying to look after myself more and be more positive. 


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