Wednesday, 17 February 2016

21 Things In 21 Years

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So today is my Birthday Yay!! I will be celebrating by spending the day in London with my mum and then having some friends over this evening. My lovely boyfriend took me to Venice for the weekend as a birthday treat and I'll have a full travel post about my trip very soon. 

This  post is inspired by Elle and Lily's videos that I watched late last year. I wanted to do something similar myself so here it goes, 21 Things that have happened or that I learn't in the last 21 Years!

1. Starting my Blog!

2. A Surprise trip to NYC with my mum for my 18th birthday (a city that will always hold a special place in my heart.)

3. Being accepted in London College of Fashion (a dream that I never thought would be a reality.)

4. Experimenting with fashion is great, don't always follow the trends

5. People let you down, but that's ok as the important people will always stick by your side

6. Family holidays to Disney World Florida (my happy place!)

7. No means next opportunity

8. Getting an internship at Mod Dolly

9. Always do what makes you happy - life is too short

10. Lots of Travelling adventures with my boyfriend Glyn (my favourite being Iceland)

11. Wear the bright lipstick!!!

12. Having some of the best friends a girl could ask for

13. Having an amazing and such supportive family

14. Living in my favourite city of the world, London

15. Spending my weekends water skiing when I was a child (something I really want to do again this summer)

16. Spending my summers in dorset as a child with my family

17. Having lots of fun girly adventures with my best pal Victoria

18. Having the best mum who puts up with me and is always so supportive of everything I do, plus being my amazing blog photographer.

19. Going to my first ever concert at 5 years old, of course it was to see the Spice Girls.

20. 5 year old Nicole always used to wear a union jack dress and doc martins! (Fashion blogger in the making.)

21. Making a scrap book to document my life whats on of the best decision ever!

I will have another post next week talking more the outfit I am wearing.



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  1. Aw happy belated birthday!!! I hope you had an amazing day! It sounds like you have achieved so much in 21 years! Well done you x


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