Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Winter Staples

Scarf - Primark 
Hat - Market 
Bag Kurt Geiger 
Boots - Ugg 

Coat - Topshop  Jeans Topshop Boots - Clark 

Although everyone is moaning about the cold weather (me included) I do love this time of year, it means I can wear all my winter clothes. And I adore winter fashion, each year I can't help myself with buying more and more winter goodies for my wardrobe. Today I've decided to talk you all through my Winter staples. 

First up, my new scarf I actually picked this up in Berlin a few weeks ago! There was a Primark down the road from where I was staying and I couldn't stop myself from going in there (plus I forgot to bring some pj's with me so I needed to buy some.) Primark is such a great store for accessories you can pick up some fab items in there for such low prices. I love the multi colours on this scarf and look forward to getting more wear out of it. 

If you have been reading my blog for a little while you will know that I love beanie hats, I have brought way too many over the past couple of weeks. I picked this one up a few weeks ago at a market stall at the races. And have been wearing it loads ever since. 

You may have seen this bag in my outfit post the other day, and if you didn't you can read about it here. I'm loving Kurt Geiger at the moment both for shoes and accessories! 

I have a love hate relationship with Ugg boots, they are by far from the most attractive shoes I own. However they keep you so very warm. I couldn't leave them out of my winter staples posts as I've been wearing them a lot recently. 

Last but not least my new coat, I love outerwear and think it's just as important to wear nice outerwear as it is the outfit that you wear under your coats and jackets. I've got a full outfit post featuring this new coat here

Hope you enjoyed this post, what are your winter staples?



  1. I love that scarf and coat! My staples would have to be my dog tooth monochrome coat! I love it so much!! Lovely post as always Nicole x


    1. Thankyou Nicole! I love monochrome as it never dates xx


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