Monday, 25 January 2016

Photo Dairy #24

Last week was another busy but really fab week! I started off the week at university finishing off my dissertation proposal, (which I think went well). I'm writing my dissertation all about how high street retails use social media and so far I'm really enjoying the research process. I might write a post on how to approach a dissertation as it is a really hard piece of work but if you select the right topic you will be fine! On Monday evening myself and my mum went to see Charlie and The Chocolate factory which was amazing! I wasn't really sure what to expect and didn't know if it would be as good as the film. But it was excellent and the sets were fab! I would highly recommend going to see if you get the chance. 

I went to the gym a lot more last week and started to feel a lot more motivated, I've really been enjoying Carly video's and reading her blog. I find there really inspiring and she makes me want to not give up! I think next week, I'm going to add a couple more work-out's to my routine. 

I had such a crazy week finishing off my university project and I was at work Saturday, so I was in much need to a very chilled out day Sunday. Myself and my mum went to Primrose Hill one of our favourite place, she took some great outfit photo's for me then we went for brunch! If I could do that every Sunday I would! 

Hope you all had a fab week



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