Thursday, 21 January 2016

Lunch At The Shard

Sometimes I find it really difficult to know what to get Glyn for Christmas and Birthdays. I think boys are much harder to buy for than girls! Last Christmas I came up with the idea of getting a selection of small gifts and for his main present to take him somewhere nice that we can both enjoy together. I decided to go for lunch at the shard (I had been before with my mum so knew it would be really good). Luckily the day we went was amazing weather so the view was incredible it just wouldn't be the same if you went on a cloudy day. (But there is never a guarantee with this english weather!) The atmposhere was so relaxing I could have sat at the resturant all afternoon, we just couldn't stop looking at the view. The London skyline will always be the best in my eyes!  

The menu was weekend brunch style and for starter we both had crab benedict and for main roast dinner! To go along side this I had a lovely cocktail (but I can't remember the name of it!) After brunch we took a nice stroll around London Bridge area and I managed to get some good snaps on my camera. My friends and family aways laugh at me as I'm such a tourist in my own city!

Have you been to the shard before? I would highly recommend going if you haven't it's great! 


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