Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Blogging In 2016

Happy New Year everyone!  I'm really excited for the year ahead, I finish university this year and go out in to the world of work, have some exciting travelling trips planned and really want to work hard on my little space on the internet! 

In 2015 I pushed my blog to become better in terms of my logo, photography, content and social media engagement. And I would love to develop all of these things even more this year. 

I've got some exciting plans for my blog, the past couple of weeks I've been working hard to come up with new content ideas and taking lots of photos! I've got myself a new blog design with the thanks to Pipdig (if your thinking about getting a new blog design I would highly recommend them they are super helpful!) it's got the professional touch that I wanted my blog to have. 

Posts to look out for this year
-More lifestyle content, I want to start taking more photos when I'm on days out as I love finding new places to go to when reading blogs.
- Updates on my Student Life, I struggled to find out what it would be like to be a student before starting university so I want to share my experiences. 
- More Style posts, I upload a lot of outfit posts on my blog and don't get me wrong I love these, however I want to start writing more style posts where I'm talking about a trend, or a group of staple items etc. 

I hope you enjoy reading and watching my videos this year! 


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