Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Personal Branding

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One of my favourite magazines to pick up in London is stylist magazine (which is normally available Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, and it's free!) There was a really interesting article in there the other week featuring one of my favourite bloggers Lily Pebbles. It was called the new business models, which talked about how women present themselves at work and how branding which was once only associated with companies can now be applied to people via personal branding. The idea behind this is how we present ourselves and communicate messages by our appearance/social channels and within our career.

As fashion student and blogger I like to try and reflect my personality through the clothes I wear. Fashion is not only a career path that I would like to take but it is a hobby and a huge part of who I am. I use the clothes I wear to send messages about who I am and to reflect the situation I'm in.
 I like to wear clothing that are less casual and more experimental. I love statement pieces (as shown in the photographs above.) Bold colours make me happy, when I want to add a little colour and happiness to my outfit my favourite thing to do is to wear this multi coloured dress. Wearing clothes that make me feel good, makes me feel like I can face any challenges that the day brings. Might sound silly to some but for me it works! Also by being experimental reflects that I am confident when I am talking about an industry which is highly creative.

I regularly use social media as a way to reflect my personal style, I update my Twitter and Instagram every day with my latest outfits, style inspirations and what I'm up to. I feel that when I apply for a fashion job, companies would be able to see that I have a huge interest in the fashion world by what I post on my social media channels. 

It's funny as before reading this article I never thought about how I have been branding myself over the past year or so without even realising it and how important it is for the work environment that you want to go in to.

Today's post features a little throwback from one of my outfits last year, but it is still a favourite of mine now and I'm always wearing this dress. 

What do you think about personal branding? Do you enjoy reading Stylist magazine?



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