Thursday, 26 November 2015

Black Favourites

Tomorrow is Black Friday, I'm so excited to get my hands on some bargains and although I will not be going out to the shops! (I can't stand the crowds during sales shopping!) I will be buying some goodies on the internet from the comfort of my own home! TNT Direct, set me a challenge to think of my favourite Black items. Above are images of my favourite black clothing items, from leather jackets, LBD to black jeans. All of the items I feel are staple items that work perfectly in any girls wardrobe. This challenge got me thinking about how much I rely on the colour black, when I want to go for a classic smart look I always turn to black and I mostly team black items with white as I love the monochrome look. 

TNT kindly sent me a little black box including some lovely goodies, a notebook, coffee, black jacks (I forgot about these sweets!!), Liquorice, Chocolate, Lip Paint, Nail polish and tea lights. 

What are you favourite black products? Will you be shopping in the sale tomorrow? 



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  1. The skirt in the first outfit is STUNNING! You can never go wrong with black clothes x


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