Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Autumn Staples


Scarf Zara 
Boots Hunters
Jacket Barbour 
Hat Topshop 
Bag Accessorize

When it comes to Autumn, there are a few staples that I like to have in my wardrobe. My favourite has to be my chunky Zara scarf, I've actually had this a couple of years now. It's so comfortable, warm and big! Because of the size sometimes I wrap it round me like a blanket (this often happens when I get cold in my university lectures!!) I am looking to purchase a plain grey scarf this season that will go with pretty much any outfit, I've seen one in Topshop so I may have to go back and purchase it. 

Next up my new Hunter boots, I am in love (insert heart emojis here!) these are perfect for me as during the Autumn/Winter I go on a lot of dog walks. And silly me I always used to wear trainers they would get covered in mud and are so difficult to clean. I can't believe it has taken me until now to buy myself a pair of hunter boots! To go along side my Hunter boots, I got myself a new Barbour jacket. I've worn Barbour jackets for a long time now (I got my first one when I was about 5 years old). It's a brand I trust and I know their garments are always outstanding quality. 

Beanies are my favourite kind of hats, I think they are the perfect finishing touch to most Autumn/Winter outfits. I got mine from Topshop last year and can't wait to start wearing it again this year! Last but not least is my Accessorize bag, although it's far from the nicest bag that I own. It's perfect for me when studying/travelling as it fits so much in it! 

I hope you enjoyed reading my Autumn Staples post! What are your Autumn Staples?


  1. Definitely need a sturdy bag for the autumn/winter, yours looks so nice and strong but stylish too :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. These photos are simply STUNNING! Love those boots as well x


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