Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Applying For A Fashion Degree

Today's post is my tips on applying for a fashion degree. If you have been reading my blog for a while now you will know that I study Fashion Marketing and Promotion at LCF. And I've done a post here about the life of a fashion student. Although today I wanted to talk more about the process of selecting a course as I know this can be really difficult and is such an important decision to make. 

First up, decide what area of fashion that you want to study, when coming to apply for a fashion course there are so many different course titles, you have marketing, design, buying, visual merchandising and journalism just to name a few. 

I chose to do a degree in fashion marketing and promotion as I knew I wanted to go in to the business side of fashion but wasn't too sure what area I wanted to work in when I first applied. (note, it is ok if you don't know what job you want in fashion when you first apply, university gives you the opportunity to explore different areas so that when you leave you have a better idea of you main interests.)  

When selecting you course I would say location is one of the most important things, for me I always knew I wanted to be in London. I just feel that there are so many opportunities for fashion students in London. Also most of the events take place in London, meaning I can easily get to most events after my day at university. There are also a lot of internships on offer in London. Although this has worked well for me being in the captial, I know there are some great courses outside of London too.  

I would also say make sure you do what's right for you! It's ok to talk to your family, friends and teachers but remember it's your degree not theirs and you will be studying for a 3+ years. So try not to let them have too much of an influence on your decision. 

My main tip would be make the most of your time while you are at university you have so much time off for the holidays. I've used this time to travel, blog and intern! Over my summer holidays this year, I've been working at Mod Dolly, and this has given me a good insight as to how a small fashion business is run and I've also been able to improve my social media and marketing skills which will be of help in my final year. Getting a job in the fashion industry is really hard as there is so much competition, so give yourself a head start by interning as it really does help. I've made a post here all about my time interning at Mod Dolly. 

If you are like me and your creative but are also business minded and want to do a fashion business degree you will be doing lots of essay writing and reports. This is a less creative degree compared to fashion design. So in order to keep my creativity alive, I've found that writing my blog really helps as it is my own little creative outlet on the internet! 

Good Luck if you are thinking of applying for a fashion degree, I hope this post helps! 


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