Sunday, 9 August 2015

Photo Dairy #5

Hello, and welcome back to another Photo Dairy (These are literally my favourite style of posts to write and read at the moment!). This week's photo dairy is rather exciting compared to most because it's a holiday edit!  I have been in Tenerife with my family and it's been lovely, I have enjoyed being away and relaxing in the sunshine. Tenerife is a lovely spanish island, I have been here a few times before with family and also on my first ever girls holiday a couple of years back. I do love visiting new places but it's also great to go back to somewhere you have already been as you know your way around and where's good to go. 

Most day's were spent relaxing by the pool (with a cocktail in one hand of course!) catching up on drapers magazine and finally getting a chance to read  #girlboss which I loved! It's so nice reading books about successful business women and even more interesting when it's about an industry you love and want to get into yourself. 
One day we made a trip to Siam water park (if your going to the south of Tenerife I would highly recommend a day out here it's fantastic!) I have previously been here with my friends so knew I was in for a treat as it's one of the best water parks I've been to. And I'm fussy about water parks, I only normally like the ones at Disney in America. 

I also did a little bit of retail therapy while I was away because wherever I am in the world I will always make time for a spot of shopping. We went to the Siam Mall, which looks a lot bigger on the outside than it is. But still they had a fair amount of good stores. I managed to pick up some nice goodies so keep your eyes peeled for outfit posts coming soon! 

How's your week been? Have you got up to much?


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