Thursday, 13 August 2015

Being Photographer

I tend to only talk about womenswear on my blog, but as someone who aspires to work in the fashion industry I have no idea which direction my career will take me. At the moment I would like to work in online marketing and social media ideally for a womenswear department. However this could all change I could venture into styling, PR, buying, menswear or even having my own fashion business. That's what I love about the fashion industry the opportunities are endless. And as the fashion industry continues to grow there are always new jobs. For instance the role of a social media manger did not exist 10 years ago. 

 My love for menswear seems to have grown recently. I always love going shopping with my boyfriend or my little brother looking at clothes for them. (saying that I'm not sure they can say the same for me!) while on holiday last week I look some snaps of my brother as the settings were beautiful and his outfit looked pretty cool in my eyes. And can we just note how my lovely new Topshop sunglasses featured here, have now been stolen and worn everyday by my brother! 
I think it's nice to mix things up on my blog every now and again and have new faces for outfit posts. Rather than always showing my style. I also love playing the photographer role as I'm super keen on learning more about photography and improving my skills. 

So watch this space, I might add some more style posts featuring other people. 


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