Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Mod Dolly Internship

Mod Dolly internship Fashion blogger
A slightly different post from me today, on my blog I mainly talk about fashion style, lifestyle, and a little bit of beauty. But I don’t often talk about studying fashion or having a career in the industry. Some of you reading this blog may want to develop your interest in fashion and take the steps to getting a job in fashion. I’m going to start talking more about this on my blog, as it’s something that is really important to me.
Mod Dolly internship fashion blogger

If you don’t already know I’ve just finished my 2nd year at the University of the Arts London and I study at London Collage of Fashion. My degree is in fashion Marketing and Promotion and I love it. I think it’s so important when going to university that you chose a course that’s right for you and in an area your truly passionate about otherwise you will struggle when completing your degree.
Mod Dolly internship fashion blogger

Nowadays having a degree on your CV just isn’t enough; you need to show an employer you have the skills right for the job. For example writing my blog has given me a head start as I’ve learnt photography and social media skills as well as developing my writing skills.
Mod Dolly internship fashion blogger

When at university you have a long summer, most range between 3-4 months, which gives you loads of time to learn new skills and get experience in the industry. A couple of months ago I found an internship position advertised on Twitter from Mod Dolly. I tweeted back and sent across my CV then went to their HQ for a chat and was lucky to be offered the position as a summer intern!
Mod Dolly fashion internship blogger

What I love about working at Mod Dolly is that it’s an independent company, which has given me the opportunity to learn how a fashion business is run. I’ve done internships before in much larger companies and although I really enjoyed them I was only working in one small area of the business so I was unable to see how the other elements of the business were run.
Mod Dolly internship fashion blogger
During my time at Mod Dolly I have learnt a lot of Photoshop skills which is one of my weaker areas so I’m grateful I’ve had the opportunity to develop these. I’ve also been helping to organize their Autumn/Winter collection launch event, which I’m super excited about.  The new collection looks amazing and the theme behind it is fab, it’s so nice to be working on a project that you have a big interest in.

Check out tomorrow’s post, as I will be sharing with you my work wear look book.

Are you looking to work or study in the fashion industry? Maybe I will do a blog all about my university and course at some point.



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