Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Comfortable Heels

I'm that kind of girl that always wears dresses with flat shoes on a night out! Never a good look in my eyes especially seeing as I'm really short. But I just can't hack wearing heels. (I would love to know the secret of how to wear heels) and I seriously admire those girls who wear 6 inch heels and make them look effortless to walk in! My friends hate me when I wear heels on a night out as they can garentee I will spend the evening moaning that my feet hurt too much!

However I have finially found two pairs of heels this summer that are super comfortable....plus they have a really small heel so a great step in stone for someone like me who isn't used to wearing heels. 

First up is my Dune silver heels, I fell in love as soon as I saw these on their website. I actually got them to wear them with my Ascot outfit, I'm off to Ladies Day on Thursday with a few blogger friends. 

Second are dune black pair, I love them and if you have been reading my outfit posts lately you may have noticed they are my new recent favourites as I have been wearing them lots lately. I though it was important to get a black pair as they would go with so much. 

How do you feel about wearing heels, are you the same as me? Or are you one of those effortless girls that can wear them all the time?! If so lucky you!! 


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